How South Africa based Edwin Trymore Mashapa originally from Chipinge , of musvo mapikicha was caught by his wife in Zimbabwe cheating with these women : His phone number is 002785290991.

One of Edwin ‘s girlfriends .She was sending these images to married Edwin at his request

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Below she was ‘eating’ his manhood



Below is the other of Edwin’s girlfriends who was also exchanging musvo images with him.After Edwin discovered that the memory card was missing ,he beat up the pregnant wife .He would always lie that he was at work ,yet he was busy sexing other women.He left another son with a another woman in Zimbabwe.He lies to women that he is a divorcee ,yet he is married.If you are not one of his many girlfriends now you know that you are not the only one in case you didn’t know.For those who have seen the musvo mapikicha I’m sure you can recognise the women.Edwin is on a reproduction spree and he brags that “one mukadzi nemahure hobho” is the way to go. So what happened is his wife who is 8 months pregnant dropped her phone and the memory card got damaged and she took a memory card that she saw in the house and put it in her phone.That’s how she came across these images and the musvos.

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