A 12 year old Zimbabwean boy Michael is seen here cursing his mum and his aunt.



farai mnangagwa1
Said to be Michael’s mother : Farai Mnangagwa.

At 12 years the boy should not be on facebook but the youngster is seen here cursing on facebook .He loves boys with machetes .Fears are he might harm himself or someone.Its just a matter of time … and for a child like that to wish he was dead is a cause for great concern .Zimbabweans across the world found the video ridiculous.The boy’s mother is said to be a niece to ZANUPF thug Emmerson Mnangagwa. The boy is Mnangagwa’s young brother’s grandson.

After being posted on one of HRDViomak’s pages the video received these stats.

1.facebook page viral

Here is the story from someone who knows the family .Mandy Chikerema (pictured) is the aunt who is said to have leaked the video.

Said to be aunt Mandy Chikerema

“Farai Mnangagwa lives in Birmingham UK and the boy is a well known naughty bully anotandanisa vanhu mustreet nemapanga .He is well known by West Midlands police. Farai Mnangagwa stopped beating up her mother after the mother moved in with the sister .Aiti kuna mai vake ziduzvi .Vakanonoka kumuka nekuneta she will beat her up .Mai vake vane zikumbonje on her forehead .Akavatema nebucket raive rakazara cold water .After that she phoned immigration and lawyers achivaudza kuti she has disowned her mother because ziduzvi.She is a qualified nurse who is abusing a vulnerable woman .”

Below are some of Michael’s facebook posts.