In a seemingly tit-for-tat fashion, a Gweru-based tutor who was allegedly shamed after raunchy pictures of him posing nude with girls believed to be his students leaked to the media, he has also released a series of his ex-lover’s steamy pictures while allegedly having sex.

Simbarashe Andrew Kashiri who seemed not to accept defeat with grace after being sucked in a sex-for-extra-lessons scandal, leaked his ex-lover Chiedza Veterai’s naked pictures claiming it was revenge against her for allegedly leaking his nude pictures to the media a fortnight ago.

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In some of the nude images, Kashiri is seen kissing and cuddling different girls in different positions.

In a desperate bid to allegedly shame his ex-girlfriend, Kashiri created a WhatsApp group titled “Chiedza Veterai’s nude pictures” in which he posted a string of her erotic pictures while allegedly having sex and displaying her organ in different sexual positions.

Kashiri defended his actions saying it was revenge against Veterai who he suspected of being the one who leaked his naked pictures to the media.

“My actions are purely revenge against Chiedza who was the first one to taint my image by leaking my pictures while posing nude with some girls which she claimed were my students. I created a WhatsApp group in which I also posted her naked pictures with some while having sex.

“I have it on good authority that she is the one who leaked the pictures because she once threatened to do so. She is also the one who disappeared with a memory card with my naked pictures. She is also supposed to feel the embarrassment I went through when those pictures were published in your newspaper,” he said.

Veterai who is based in South Africa said her ex-lover is a coward for allegedly taking their bedroom matters to social media.

“Apparently, this is a case of a love tale gone sour. He is a coward. Why is he taking our bedroom matters to social media? Why is he leaking my privates to the public yet he is the one who took all the pictures he is now posting on WhatsApp? I am also going to release videos of him while having sex with his students,” fumed Veterai.

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