A 20 year old Zimbabwe prostitute is seeking help from well wishers.She only knows that the man is from South Africa .The plants have covered her front hole and back hole .Tarisai says the man said he was going to fix her for being a prostitute .After sleeping with the man ,the man phoned her saying she was in for a hard time .They met in Kuwadzana 2 bar.

She started prostituting at 15 years .She used to frequent Harare bars for business.She is an orphan .Her father was Sande Batoni and mother Josphine Mashayamombe.

Tarisai lived at 4809 Glen Norah A but her tete Elby Batoni vakamudzinga and is homeless I suppose. She is looking for help from well wishers,n’angas and prophets .To make matters worse Tarisai is pregnant and doesn’t know who impregnated her.Obviously with her profession she wouldn’t know .She is in great pain .

You can call her aunt on 0777 386 083 Zimbabwe to see how you can help.


Kwayedza .