ZANUPF supporters Mike Tashaya and Jenny Msonza have been accused of terrorism .A victim who claims to be unwell in hopsital because  of the harrassment wrote to us recently .Sometime in April the victim also wrote saying Mike wanted to kill her .

mike1 mike 2   mike3 mike4In April 2015 the victim also said ,

Pls check my wall iv been terrorised, harassed here in the UK, people have told me the people doing it are doing it in the name of politics. I’ve had people monitoring my movements, following me, hacking into my…phone…my life is in danger here in the U.K…and people have been telling me that Mike Tashaya from Manchester is behind it.

I inboxed him a message on 7/4/2015 asking him if its true that hes involved.He refused to answer my questions…he blocked me…an hour later he copied and pasted my email…put it on his wall…to his 5000 followers..they started mocking me, making fun of me.

People are trying to kill me, this Mike starts making fun of my email…everyone is telling me its him…they say he is involved in a lot of evil…and he always writes and post on his wall that so and so has disappeared here in the U.K

Last week he shared a post about a man called Gracian Masiyiwa…the man claims hes been followed by zanupf people, his life is in danger.Another woman today posted on Mike Tashaya’s page that her husband has disappeared in Ireland.I don’t know what is going on..A lady called Lindsey…check my wall…she had an argument with Mike Tashaya last week.She just inboxed me that yesterday on her way to the train station in London she was being followed.She has notified the police.What exactly is going on and who is this man Mike Tashaya…my life is in danger and ppl are telling me its him behind it…Please Viomak check my wall…

This man is involved in a lot of community work.He is involved in Zimachievers awards…a big organisation…This mike is also the one who selects who gets nominated for an award…so how can someone involved in the community have a trail of criminal activities, hacking, stalking, making people disappear, planning to kill people .im confused…2 days ago I emaild the ceo of zimachievers,Conrad mwanza…he hasn’t replied me…just noticed that he recently travelled to Zimbabwe, so maybe hes busy, tho he has been updating his facebook page..he hasn’t responded to any of my messages…I don’t know why?why is he sending ppl after me to kill me…I need to know.


thnx hrdv, i wastold to get in touch with you, if my life was in danger, i did inbox u the message last night, and i told u that i was loggin off would continue the conversation today, i can see now its already on your wall, i cant do anything now because you are a straight forward person, but would have wanted to continue the conversation via inbox, because there is a lot more i wanted to tell u, yes my life is in danger, iv had ppl following me, stalking me wherever i go, these ppl, have also been hacking into my computer/laptop/phone…theyv hacked into my bank account stole my money, they even know were iv withdrawn cash using my card, its been happenning since last year, theyv also been hacking into my facebook account, at the monment they are using my facebook account, a number of ppl have been aware because iv been writing it on my fbk wall that hacking and stalking is a criminal offence…so many pple have been aware that iv got ppl whov been following me, and i was told that this man Mike T is the one behind it.,..ppl told me hes the one whose been terrorising and harrassing a number of zimbabweans here in the U..K…and ppl told me that these ppl are doing it in the name of politics…im not involved in politics, iv been living in fear for several months, to the point that i couldnt even get out, i was prescribed anti depressants, these ppl have destroyed a huge part of my soul..iv kept quite for too long,,,anything can happen to me, the law and several organisations are aware of whats been happening…ON 7/04/2015.6pm….I SENT THIS MAN MIKE TASHAYA, AN EMAIL, VIA HIS FACEBOOK INBOX…ASKING HIM IF ITS TRUE THAT HES THE ONE WHOS BEEN SENDING PPL TO FOLLOW ME WHEREVER I GO,MONITOR MY DAILY ACTIVITIES, HACK INTO MY COMPUTER/LAPTOP/EMAIL/PHONE…WHAT DOES THIS MAN DO…HE ACEPTED MY FRIEND REQUEST…AFTER 10 MINUTES, I WROTE TO HIM CAN U PLEASE REPLY BECA– USE IM BUSY, HE THEN REPLIED, “ANSWE QUICK BEFORE I BLOCK YOU” A FEW SECONDS LETTER BEFORE I COULD REPLY HIM, HE BLOCKED ME. AN HOUR LATER AFTER BLOCKING ME…HE DECIDED TO COPY AND PASTE THE WHOLE EMAIL…PUT IT ON HIS WALL…TO HIS 5000+ FOLLOWERS. THEY STARTED MOCKING ME, MADE FUN OF ME ON MIKES’ WALL, THEY POSTED SEVERAL INSULTS…HE POSTED MY EMAIL FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE, I SENT IT TO HIS INBOX, BECA– USE I WANTED TO SETTLE THIS IN PRIVATE, I DID NOT WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO GET INVOLVED…MIKE UNBLOCKED ME A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO..BUT UP UNTILL TODAY …17/05/2015…HE HASNT RESPONDED…HE HASNT REACHED OUT TO ME…IF HES THE ONE WHOS BEEN SENDING PPL TO TRY AND KILL ME….AND I CAN SEE HE HAS JUST COMMENTED ON TIS VIOMARK PAGE….IM GOING TO SHARE THE EMAIL I SENT THIS MAN…..I HAD TO CONFRONT MIKE AND ASK HIM IF ITS TRUE WHAT PPL HAVE BEEN TELLING ME…THAT HES THE ONE WHOSE BEEN TERRORISING ME FOR SEVERAL MONTHS…THIS MAN REF– USED TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS…HE BLOCKED ME…AND DECIDED TO MAKE FUN OF ME…POSTED MY PRIVATE EMAIL TO HIS 5000 FOLLOWERS…ON 7/04/2015..18:50…IM GOING TO POST THEEMAIL…HERE…THNX TO MIKE HES THE ONE WJO DECIDED TO MAKE THIS ISSUE PUBLIC…SO IF I DISAPPEAR, DIE OR ANYTHING HAPPENS TO ANYONE CLOSE TO ME…NOW EVRYONE KNOWS….PPLE CAN CLICK ON MY PAGE AND SEE ALL THE EVIDENCE….AND WHY IS IT THIS MIKE IS COMMENTING ON THIS VIOMARK PAGE..AND NOT REPLYING MY EMAIL…????? ”