A victim has written saying ” Tafadzwa Matimba DOB 24.05.82 is recklessly spreading HIV.  He is sleeping around and not disclosing his positive status thus endangering lives.  I for one can no longer keep quiet I have seen the lives he has destroyed with his reckless psychotic ways and he needs to be stopped.

He is working and living in the UK illegally. Most recently he was at a party in Derby chatting up an innocent girl asking for a one night stand, if this girl had not checked his background with one of her girlfriends who knew about him from Birmingham no doubt she would have been his next victim.
He targets young girls and single mothers. I am hearing he has an unusual  interest in little children and its only a matter of time before he acts on his urges.  He changes his appearance a lot from shaving his head, to growing a moustache.
The police in England do not charge someone unless the victim is infected, however if more people can come forward and show he has been reckless i.e. sleeping with people and not disclosing his status he will be charged. Therefore I am urging people to report him to your local police.The are many victims out there please have the courage to come forward JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.
As he was arrested working illegally there is a push to deport him but he is appealing not sure on what grounds as he has worked in several places using illegal documents all attached, arrested for forgery,drink driving and most recently reckless spreading of HIV.
He is a low life scum who gets away with his looks and cheap designer knock offs. He looks innocent but he is the devil and must be stopped before he does some serious harm. He is a danger to society and must be stopped.  He moves from town to town and leaves when things get too hot for him.  He has lived in Leicester, London, Sheffield (where he infected his long term girlfriend R who can’t report him because she has no papers), Middlesborough (where he was selling weed) and most recently Birmingham where his shenanigans have caught up with him.
Please stop this man and report him, he has gotten away with this for far too long. His mobile number is 07481072539.  I know he is now living in Birmingham  with a young Somalian girl who has two children, the police are aware of this but said can’t act unless she makes a complaint.
I have attached his fake birth certificate.He is a master of forgery and an immigration card clearly showing he has no right to work here.  Also attached are his pills that he kept well hidden from his girlfriends (and they are loads of them).  He gets delivery of this medication from Healthcare at Home and this started back when he was in Sheffield in 2006, meaning he has been ill for a very long time.  I have also attached a picture sent to me, this shows the extent of his virus, he now has open wounds, he goes around lying that these are insect bites.
Concerned Citizen”
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