An internet terrorist Mildred Ndebele is leaving no stone unturned as she causes terror on facebook verbally abusing those who share their opinions .The supposedly abusive married woman well known for  engaging in acts of terrorism is this time causing havoc because of a post she did not like posted by one HRDV on her facebook page sharing her views and those of others about a Go Fund Me page opened for the funeral of a Zimbabwean woman (RIP)who passed away on 25 December.

The unrepentant and intolerant foul mouthed Mildred Ndebele is using the opportunity to spew her usual vitriol and has been terrorising the poster for the past two days .Unashamed of her terrorism antics Mildred Ndebele who is said to be a university graduate teams up with one Michelle Stunning who uses a fake name to engage in acts of terrorism on the internet.

Mildred Ndebele right