A ZANU PF youth thug in UK, Kithlitany Mawarire (Kith) and his brother Ethen Mawarire aka Tronics Mawarire are said to be spreading HIV knowingly in UK.
The 33 year old Kithlitany Mawarire who arrived in the UK from his native in Zimbabwe in 2002 is said to be living in Smethwick Birmingham. He calls himself Kithlitany HBK Mawarire, with HBK standing for Heart Break Kid, because he has slept with so many gullible women and broken their hearts.

The ZANUPF terrorist is said to have filed a bogus asylum claim and was granted refugee status in Britain in 2005 after he lied that his life was in danger from his murderous ZANUPF his party. Like many of the ZANUPF terrorists in UK who are now being protected from their political party after making fake asylum claims, Kithlitany is now spying for ZANUPF legally in Britain.

“The guy is HIV positive and runs around without care spreading the deadly disease sleeping with women that are easily fooled by his looks “. said a source.
Kithlitany has at least nine (9) known children with six (6) different women. To note is that he fathered one child in Zimbabwe before coming to UK in 2002 where he fathered two children both boys born in 2004 with his former PM (his former wife) and another woman called CM. As time moved he went on to have two more boys with PM, and one boy with another woman GB in addition to two children with a married woman in Walsall .Just recently, he had another child with a known HIV positive woman in Wolverhampton known as P….. who is a cousin to MM.

“Kithlitany is deceptive and a total fraud. He graduated from Birmingham City University (BCU) after having gained entrance using a fake A level certificate which he bought from a Zimbabwean guy called T….. dread aka Mahobho who lives in Coventry and now attending church kuMasowe. Kithlitany’s best friend AM should be aware of all these stories”.

“Kithlitany’s former wife PM who is a nurse has since relocated to Kent. PM first lived with Kith after she fell pregnant and during that period they were together Kith had two kids with CM. Kithlitany later went on to live with another woman LM in Erdington. A few years later he had an affair with a married woman, a nurse in Walsall with whom he has two kids, before he again abandoned her for GB and had a child with her. Thereafter, he had another child with an HIV positive woman called M PK. She had a child in 2012 .Kith managed to register the child under his name with HM Revenue and Customs to get tax credits. However, Kith never used that money to support the child but was taking that money and spending it in bars drinking alcohol with girls while his child and the mother were living in the dark with no money to top up electricity and gas” said a source.

“Apparently when KithIitany graduated in September he was with GM even though he is sleeping with the little LK in a yellow dress”.

Kithlitany Mawarire
Kithlitany Mawarire