A Zimbabwean conwoman Tessie Talent Muvirimi (Mai Nadi) is  siad to be wrecking havoc in China .She stays in Yanjeu and cons people their monies using various tactics. She is a very good sweet talker. At one point she asked some guys to accomodate her but they later ‘evicted’ her after they learnt of her conartistry. In the meantime she is said to be in Zimbabwe claiming to be sorting out her visa .She uses fake documents too and even uses a fake degree from the UZ attached.She goes around bragging and that she is dating many men who work at the embassy such that she will never be arrested.

In case anyone wants to check with her please feel free to phone her ….+86 183 1008 1362
To the many Zimbabweans who were swindled by this conwoman can you please speak out .