“The guy in the picture imbavha.Anoita basa rekupa vanhu lift from Musina to Jozi.He takes you to Hillbrow where they lock you up and take everything that you have. Kana vakubirai this monster and his gang vanokutii mufonere hama then you are told to pay a certain amount of money before you get released.Last week ini, my cousin, my brother, my 9 months old baby and 3 guys from Chipinge were victims to this monster. We lost money (R18 000 phones and clothes). Ini ndisati ndakasangana nazvo ndaiti ndakangwara handife ndakasangana nazvo. Do whatever you can to help.Uyo munhu ndiye driver, he is a Zimbabwean ndebele anozviti Mandla.He is using my brother’s fon akangochinja # and it reflected on the app group that we had.that’s how I got his number and pic. tried to report him kuno kucape town but hapana zvavakaita. ngatiedze nepatinogona b4 more of our beloved ones fall victim.”