The 24 year old ex model who is said to have injected her boyfriend’s two year old child with her HIV positive blood is said to have been arrested last night.


” Fellow Musvorians and fellow Zimbabweans A very good morning to you all and a very BIG thank you everyone who rallied behind this cause working behind closed doors etc to achieve this aim.We worked so hard good people .To all the multitudes that contacted me personally through various means thank you so much.Eversince I have had a cellphone my phone has never be so busy.It was overwhelming.To all Zimbabwe police officers who even phoned me thank you so much.

Below is the mother to the child’s missed call to Sisi Vee aka HRDV this morning followed by a text message to her advising her of the good news. Over the moon …….Bless you all and thank you God for giving us the hearts and hands to help those in need and most of all the wisdom and strength to do it.Amen.”

In the meantime HRDV has also confirmed that , ”  Tafadzwa is under arrest through a call I just received from professionals.They are now working on taking the witness’ statement.”