This is disgusting and evil behaviour . You don’t steal from vulnerable people no matter how broke you are .You protect and care for them .

That said, can the Zimbabwean owner of this UK DBS ( Criminal Record) please contact Musvo Zimbabwe .A detailed publication of the story with all proof ,your name ,faces,address etc is pending so you are kindly asked to get in touch so you explain why you did not disclose this information to your current employer before we inform your employer.Not informing your employer is unethical .

It came to our attention two weeks ago that you did not disclose your 2015 DBS to your current employer ( name withheld by musvozimbabwe) but you are instead using your 2014 DBS .We have finished our investigation such that in our possession we have your 2015 DBS , letter from Slough magistrate court specifying your crimes …….stealing from vulnerable adults in care homes .You once worked at Slough Burnham lodge care home and Denham Manor .You should be living in Walsall now etc.

Can you please get in touch by Sunday the 21st February 2016 : 6pm UK time.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated .


DBS ED - Copy