A disgruntled UK based Zimbabwean has  shared how the video paid for a graduation never saw the light of day.Supposedly shot by one Preston of

Hello I have a problem I want this to be posted as unknown please if possible .last year I hired a guy anonzi Preston from Derby to do my graduation party photography and video which was something I really wanted for that special day sezvineiwo he showed up was taking pictures and I confirm yes I have the photos which I got after a long and hard struggle trying to talk to him asingadaire phone yangu this guy told me for both £150 which I paid in full I have proof of this what’s annoying me is akatombotora here video yacho takasvika pakutukana nefrustration what I want to know is Limevision photography iyi ndomaitiro ayo here my graduation was a milestone for me and all the speakers that spoke and all the people who were there I would have loved to play the video back to appreciate the love shown to me on that day but thanks to Preston we limevision who seems to think kuti I told him not to give me my video for my graduation party that I paid in full zvino maker sense

All I want is for him to at least admit he lost the clip or he misled me thinking aitora video on this day Iye pasina zvaaitora I do understand if there was a problem zvinoitika but kubata macustomers zverudzi urwu kwete ndatenda.