A married woman has suffered at the hands of a woman Tapuwa whose dirty images have been in the public eyes  and  this has gone to the extent of ruining the woman’s marriage.

“The  student nurse from the University of New South Wales ,Tapuwa Garura got bad images and pad with skid marks from feaces and menstural blood” said a concerned source .The disturbing images which have found their way to the public have had those who have seen them raise eye brows  as to why such behaviour has become very common amongst Zimbabwean students ” said a source .

It is said that when the woman phoned Tapuwa to ask her to stop dating her husband Tapuwa was very rough and told the wife that she will never leave her husband.

Tapuwa went on to tell the wife that ,” Let’s talk business.How much money will you give me to leave your husband ?”

The wife told her an amount and Tapiwa said “No no no no he is too good to leave .” The wife said she was going to sue her and Tapuwa laughed and said “go ahead I don’t care ….Bring it on..”

Tapuwa is said to have been so nasty to the extent that one day she phoned the husband who  when he was in bed with his wife and the wife answered the phone and Tapuwa said  ” kurumidza kupa murume wako phone ndiri kuda kutaura naye ( bring your husband on the phone quickly I need to talk to him) “.

The wife didn’t wake her husband up then Tapuwa started phoning on the wife’s number continuously and when she picked up the phone Tapuwa said ” iwe ndati kurumidza kumutsa murume wako nditaure naye(I said bring your husband on the phone quickly I need to talk to him). “

This was one example of how abusive Tapuwa ruined the marriage .The married couple are said to have since reconciled .

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