The evil care worker steals from vulnerable adults in UK nursing homes .She takes nude photos of herself  .She drives without a driver’s silence ,as confirmed in the documents of her recent arrest in our possession.

Now Human Rights Defender Viomak is in posession of some videos  that were shot in UK nursing homes and in the background is Nora Manyere aka Tallyn Ndudzo abusing residents.In one of the videos Nora Manyere whose name was changed by her father to  Tallyn Ndudzo so as to acquire UK visas for her and her sister Kudzai Ndudzo, is in the background while tormenting a woman who starts to cry saying she has had enough of the abuse.

Nora can be heard confirming her name to the woman who she beats as the woman tells her that she is hungry .She asks the woman who cannot stand up because of her massive weight to stand up .Norah declares to the woman that if she doesn’t stand up she will not have the food.The woman obviously cannot stand up and struggles to do so while Tallyn continues to be the umpire of her abusive game .

An image shot from the video is below .

tally abuseBelow Tallyn is seen showing her breasts that she sends to men on social media.

Tallyn Nora Manyere