A wife ‘s plea as Faith Nyapokoto ruins her marriage .

“Muskana anonzi Faith Nyapokoto so young as 19 anohura zvedzinza zviye.Anogara ku maAvenues but she looks for varume vano gara kuma suburb. Sisi vee I personally witnessed pictures she sent to my husband on whatsapp of her musterbating and rubbing her vigina. After asking my husband he said she was just a porn star and that he never slept with her and I believe my husband. We have been together for 8 years. Upon doing my research I found out kuti she is very popular in Harare amoung husbands and boyfriends of other women, I have no idea why she cannot get her own murume or mukomana! Me and my sisters confronted her muharare pa joina city after she had been reportedly seen with my husband in our family car ku mount pleasant, please she needs to be exposed. Maybe anoshandisa mushonga but even hearing from her own age mates anohurisa varume nevakomana vevanhu.

My sisters later found her adress vakanomu vhundutsira but she quickly needs to be exposed.Please do all the Zimbabwean women in the Harare mount pleasant and CBD area a favour and let them know that we have a ka hure in our local community.

Get back to me for more information on her adress or phone numbers please. Enough is enough. Hatidi AIDS munhuri dzedu.

Anogara corner Herbert chitepo na Fife avenue ma flats aripapo number 5, first floor. Anogara na mainini vake but mainini is always in joza kuno hodha.

Pamwe akazo chinja nhamba dzandange ndinadzo 1 month ago is +263773145121.”

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