There is a 35 year old woman from Bindura called Pennicia Nhete aka Penny Nhete .She uses social media to lure unsuspecting men and invites them for paid ,unpaid ,protected and unprotected sex.

“She falls for any men.If you are married she tells you to divorce your wife for her.If you are in her whatsapp group she doesnt want you to associte with any women .She is however part of a group of women who are into the dirty business.Almost all the ladies in the group sent men their musvos and invite them for nyoro” ,said a source who prefered to remain anonymous.

Pennicia Nhete is a divorcee who claims to be a cross border trader.When contacted by HRDV to confirm if the musvo is hers she was only interesting in knowing who gave HRDV her number before she disappeared.


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