Dear editor

I now have the courage to have my voice out there since I have now completed the book that tells my life story  .The book called ‘How a Futumuka Fulangenge raped me’ is a real life story about how I was raped and tortured by a Futumuka Fulangenge.

My heart keeps bleeding, my  soul is burnt out , my head keeps spinning and my mind has not rested.It was a man who uses the name Futumuka Fulangenge who ruined my life , who took away my virginity without my consent .He raped me when I was very innocent and after he raped me he cut my buttocks with a razor blade .Blood oozed out of the cuts and he took salt and put on the cuts .I was pained , not only by the rape he had perpetrated on me but also by the salt in the cuts.

After he raped me he told me that I was a daughter of a prostitute so I deserved to be raped .Young and innocent,  the evil man did not feel the cries of my distressed voice.I was an innocent girl as in my image growing up , who wanted to start a family but my dreams were shattered by a man who calls himself  Futumuka Fulangenge, an uncle to protect me but raped me.

I was as innocent as in my image which is the cover of my book until Futumuka Fulangenge shattered my dreams.I hope the book which is coming out in August 2016 will help other girls to understand how rape is perpetrated mostly by the uncles in our houses and the other relatives in our houses , including the fathers who are supposed to protect us.

When my sister a good samaritan asked him about his evilness the rapist asked my sister to tell me this ,

“Uri mhata yemunhu muchembere iwe. Wangauchifunga kuti ukati dhongi watogona kutuka. I hope you get raped again, the uncle who raped uchiri mudiki haana kunyatsokukubvarura Capuano kako ikako. This time they should use a bottle. If no one rapes you, I hope you get run over by a car mangwana. Marengenya akaita sewe are a waste of space.”

futumuka rapeMy book is out in two months and will be selling internationally too.

futumuka Fulangenge2