Kudzai’s mother Charity Sakasasu had a discussion with HRDV.Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu is said to have been sending her musvos to a married man Andrew based in South Africa where she is based too.

[07/08 3:04 pm] HRDV: Hello my sister Charity .How are you.This is sisi Vee.I write stories and just received a musvo nude image said to be yourself in the tub.Is this something you are aware of?

[07/08 3:09 pm] Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu: Nop wre a u

[07/08 3:12 pm] HRDV: Thank you sisi.I am in the world .Did you say the nude is not you? Let me attach you the image.

[07/08 3:14 pm] Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu: Yooo yaaa wre did u get them

[07/08 3:18 pm] HRDV: In the world.Thank you for ‘confirming’ that it is ‘you’ sisi.Are you by any chance mai Kudzi and married?

[07/08 3:21 pm] Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu: Eish sister ya I have Chances BT in this wy I dnt think I cant make it. Wre a u

[07/08 7:24 pm] HRDV: Sisi I didn’t understand your message.Did you say you are married? Why do you want to know where I am sisi?Just curious why location is important.Do you want me to help you with something or what?

[07/08 7:25 pm] Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu: I’m nt married

[07/08 7:54 pm] HRDV: Ok sisi thank you for confirming.So where is the Kusvirana Industry that you work for as you indicated on your profile?

[07/08 8:00 pm] Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu: I’m nt even in DAT department u nw

[07/08 8:01 pm] HRDV: Who wrote that on your profile sisi?

[07/08 8:09 pm] Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu: Ummm idnt even know dea BT the thing is. I was in love with dis other guy he’s de one who published this pix coz we break up so nw I dnt knw anything u knw

[07/08 8:31 pm] HRDV: Ok sisi thank you so much for your responses and your politeness.This is greatly appreciated . I can safely write the story now.Do take care sisi and the little one?

[07/08 8:38 pm] Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu: Tnx

[07/08 11:05 pm] Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu: Y u deced to spol o my my foto s which means u a very excited Cc vee isn’t

[07/08 11:19 pm] HRDV: Kekekekekekekeke am just excited kuti ndawana nyaya yekunyora sisi and not kuti musvo wenyu wasvika kupublic sisi.

[07/08 11:22 pm] Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu: Ende wakaoma saka ktora ma pic pangu ESE ndokudii ngmhai dea kuti nyika indi seke wt about my family hauna BSA nazvo chauri Kuda kuzvipa mbiri Hantie nxaa

[07/08 11:25 pm] HRDV: Kekekekekekekeke I appreciated your politeness now you are behaving like a real hure sisi at Kusvirana Industry.Usandiridzira tsamwa handisini ndakati torwa musvo.Thank you for understanding.

[07/08 11:33 pm] Musvorologist Charity Sakasasu: Wt eve u can call me dea I knew who I’m k tnx

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