An MDC-T leader in South Africa is the latest musvorologist to be saved in our files.The man is seen lying nude on a bed in a 1 minute 03 sec musvo video. Shooting the video sounds like his girlfriend as his musvo oscillates from one angle to the other.

“He is busy sleeping around with different women and he is an MDC-T member here in pretoria and is staying with another woman , his girlfriend Elizabeth Mupendakarero who works in Pretoria marabastad” Said a source.

The man used to be a member of musvozimbabwe whatsapp group and was in group 5 before he exited.

Learnmore is said to have a 6 year old son who he stays with .The 4 year old girl child is said to be in Zimbabwe with the grandparents in Chivi village .Their biological mother passed away in 2012.

“He sleeps around with different women and he is HIV positive spreading his disease knowingly. He is a leader yemacouncillors in RSA ” Added the source.

Meanwhile sisi Vee investigating has written to Learnmore today

[19/09 5:17 pm] Musvorologist Learnmore Kodzi: Good day can you please add me on one of your Whatsaap groups

[19/09 5:17 pm] Musvorologist Learnmore Kodzi: I mean musvo

[23/09 11:22 pm] Sisi Vee: A very good evening to you Mr Kodzi.It’s sisi Vee.Am sure you ‘know’ me already since you were in musvozimbabwe whatsapp group before you left.I hope I find you well my brother.

I have with you here a musvo video of yourself. I can tell it’s you so am just writing to let you know that I now have it…

More to follow….

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