Married Cranbone boys high teacher Jonathan Simbanegavi aka Shumba is said to be sending female parents his musvos proposing them.This publication has established that his real name is Jonatahan Simbanegavi but was nicknamed Shumba by students because he beats up students a lot so they fear him.

Meanwhile you can contact him too on +263 71 660 8171 and the school head Mr Masenga land 04 570403 who is now aware of the issue.Let’s rid our schools of musvorologists fellow Zimbabweans .These are most likely the same teachers who sexually abuse school children.

A former student has said,

[16/09 12:54 pm] Sisi Vee: Sisi veee ndakadzidzapo ini yoweeeeee nhasi hedu. Ndovaziva vashumba avaa ahhhhhhh mhaiweeee ticha vangu vapindwa neizveeee . Apa paboys hino vashaya wekunyengaaa vakati ndiende kuvabereki.Zvakaoma kani. Meanwhile Sisi Vee investigating has written to the school teacher.

Meanwhile sisi Vee is investigating the issue and will also update on the nitty gritties of the chats involved which are already in her possession.

[16/09 1:11 pm] Sisi Vee: A very good afternoon to you Mr Shumba.I hope I find you well.I am sisi Vee.I write stories.I have with me here some nude musvo images said to be you.I was also told that you are a school teacher at Cranbone boys high and married.I also understand the school head a Mr Masenga is now aware of the issue. Could this be something you are aware of?Your response will be greatly appreciated

[16/09 1:29 pm] Jonathan Shumba Cranbone Musvo Teacher: In meeting will update you

[16/09 1:30 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok Mr Shumba.Thank you for your response.Greatly appreciated.

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