A family of mother and her daughter , son in law called Lucky Kwarara and children were seen naked fighting outside a house in Karoi in the wee hours on Sunday.

Sisi Vee investigating have gathered that it could have been a case of black magic or juju whereby the son in law who works at the car centre below is said to have done some work on a car belonging to some people from Binga.Upon failure to pay for the services , the people asked if they can leave the car’s registration book and  licence with Lucky while they look for money to pay him.Lucky disagreed and he reported the matter to the police after which the police impounded the car .The couple told Lucky that he will bring their car and they left.The family members are still said to be not normal .

[12/09 10:00 am] Karoi Story : Sisi Vee I have gathered that the guy’s real name is Lucky Kwarara.Anoita zvekugadzira mota paTsotsi Complex Karoi.

[12/09 10:00 am] Karoi Story : Details of the causes are still sketchy but the truth of the matter is zvakaitika and it was iye, wife, vana naambuya vake vakange vashanya. Havasati vadzokera pahunormal.

[12/09 10:00 am] Karoi Story: Vanogara kunonzi kuK14, Kubatana residential

[12/09 10:00 am] Karoi Story : It is said akagadzira kombi Nissan Caravan belonging to certain pple from Binga who could not pay mari yaainge acharger vakati tosiya book remota nelicence vonoshanda mari yacho vouya nayo ndobva aramba and took them to police where the vehicle was then impounded. So ndovanonzi vakazomuti uchazotivigira hako mota yedu and they went. These are rumours tete.

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