The musvo images are said to have been taken by Neville in his office as claimed by the woman who is said to have been raped by Neville.

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War Vets leader Chris Mutsvangwa’s son was arrested for rape last week and appeared before a local Harare judge where he was bailed out  while awaiting trial date.

The victim is a well known 43 year old woman who has been seen in the company of the 36 year old Neville who is employed by Anjin Diamonds.

The complainant was offered a lift to town and when they arrived at Harare Sports Club, Mutsvangwa drove to 3 San Fernando along Fifth Street and invited the complainant to his office, the court heard.

It is alleged the complainant asked to use a toilet and indicated she wanted to leave but Mutsvangwa asked her to enter his office where he was allegedly already naked, the court heard.

Mutsvangwa allegedly told her that he had been admiring her for a long time and wanted to have sexual intercourse with her and that when she refused, he allegedly grabbed her neck from behind and forced her to have oral sex with him before forcing her to undress.

Mutsvangwa allegedly raped the woman after putting on a condom and it is alleged that he forced the woman to have oral sex with him again.

He allegedly drove the complainant who was in tears to Joina City in Harare.

He offered her $20 and the complainant refused and proceeded to Harare Central Police Station to report the matter.