21 year old Kastina Abrahams from MSU’s Zvishavane Campus said she suspects that her ex boyfriend leaked her musvo pictures that were sent to us .However,many of the Zimbabwean women found in this predicament are leaking their own musvos in an effort to become popular.Some are using their muvos to lure men on the internet.

Kastina said she got to know about the leaked pictures after her parents called her asking about the pictures. “My ex-boyfriend took those pictures, they should have remained in his memory card because I remember deleting them from his phone. I regret everything, now I can’t even concentrate in class and my parents also know about the musvo pictures” she added.

“This has really affected me and I know other students on campus are talking about it. I cannot even concentrate in class and this has really destroyed me.” She said.

The pictures show Kastina in her birthday suit lying on the bed and in another she is showing off her breats while wearing just a lacey pant

She blames love on why she allowed her ex-boyfriend to take the pictures and she said she didn’t think the man would do such a thing as leak the musvo pictures.

“I first heard about the pictures from my parents and before I knew it my friends were also asking about them. I wish I had not allowed him to take me such pictures, but how would I have known that he would do that to me. I am so disappointed and I don’t ever want to see him again.” Said Kastina .1472808936320[1]