“You remember that video we shared  where sisi Vee commented saying corruption is a two way process and citizen was wrong too to bribe ? Kwasara Roseleen kusungwa???.Welldone fellow Zimbabweans…Let’s continue to make information go viral and yes the citizen has a case to answer too. Remember corruption is a two way process.Well done AC Charity Charamba” Said Sisi Vee.

Social media bribe traffic cop nabbed

A Zimbabwe Republic Police officer, who was caught on camera allegedly taking a bribe about a fortnight ago, has since been arrested, after the video went viral on social media.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the development, but refused to divulge further information about the case.

“He has been arrested already, thanks to responsible citizens who gave us the video. We are yet to ascertain further details of the case,” she said.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charamba encouraged the public to report corrupt elements in the force to the police, so as to weed out corruption.

“We encourage the public to assist us in weeding out such corrupt elements. However, we don’t approve of people offering police officers bribes. Once we ascertain the origins of the video we hope to find the culprits, as they too have a case to answer.

The public should also try and avoid putting police officers in complicated predicaments such as these,” she said.

In the eight-second-long video, the police officer is seen taking an undisclosed amount of money from the suspects, who are not shown in the video. The video is believed to have been taken in Bulawayo.

The driver of the vehicle is heard telling the officer to buy a drink, after he hands him the money.

“Tenga drink . . . tenga drink,” he says before driving away

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