A Bulawayo , Nketa 7 widower and father of two girls ,Maruva Darlington Magodo is having none of it and has also joined the league of male musvorologists who are hunting for rich sugar mummys to financially abuse as hunger continues to bite in Zimbabwe.

Busted by  musvozimbabwe undercovers in their hideout, it seems the musvorologists are still not aware that musvozimbabwe is out on them.

Maruva studied at Mutimwi high school and he claims to be a professional hunter, a sniper as he prefers.

Born on 23 September 1970 as on the ID he sent to a musvozimbabwe undercover , Maruva claims to have set his camera and shot some images of his manhood.Looking serious as if he was aiming at a wild animal, the animal hunter turned sugar mummy hunter was so pleased to be contacted by sugar mummy such that he was prepared to cross the border without a passport to meet his soon to be fake sugar mummy.It has since emerged that Maruva works at GMB.

In the heat of things Maruva sent musvo mummy a good number of his musvo images and a video.

This is what happened
[16/10 13:27] Denny: Hey Darlington….Did you find the sugar mummy you were looking for?lf you haven’t l’m here for you with money and everything you can ever dream of but on 1 condition l need someone who is well groomed with a big dick that can make me come.

[16/10 13:36] ‪Maruva : I was stl looking 4

[16/10 13:38] Denny: lm here for yu….l need someone who l cn be crazy with who cn satisfy me and um ready to shower him wth money and gifts

[16/10 13:39] ‪Maruva‬: I am 100 per ready if yu are serious

[16/10 13:39] Denny: why wld l waste my tym txtng you then um a busy lady ryt

[16/10 13:40] Denny: am in joburg sandton….l cn send u money…when are you ready to come

[16/10 13:41] Denny: can send you money for air ticket if yu ready

[16/10 13:42] ‪‪Maruva: K as it is ryt now i dont hve passport bt i am very ready

[16/10 13:43] Denny: so how cn you come ? you have to use a bus you talk with the bus driver

[16/10 13:45] Denny: ?

[16/10 13:47] ‪‪Maruva‬: K so anytym i would be prepaid

[16/10 13:49] ‪Maruva‬: Mre than that yu expected

[16/10 13:53] Denny: so take a pic of your ld so I will be able to transfer money to you…l need you tuesday

[16/10 14:04] ‪‪Maruva‬: Hw are we going to do this l am in byo zim

[16/10 14:05] Denny: will send you money and you tell the driver that you dont have passport so you will pay him

[16/10 14:06] ‪‪Maruva‬: K

[16/10 14:24] Denny: so send me a pic of your lD

[16/10 16:17] Denny: ?

[16/10 16:35] ‪‪Maruva‬: No its lyk i hve went out btry serious

[16/10 16:36] Denny: are yu sending your details hey

[16/10 16:37] ‪‪Maruva: Yes also my pic vry soon

[16/10 16:37] Denny: wat you saying

[16/10 16:37] Denny: u nw turning m off

[16/10 16:44] ‪‪Maruva: Let mi send my pic and also my details bt yu wil be asitng

[16/10 16:45] Denny: fine

[16/10 16:45] Denny: l need to see your dick bby…..send your pic naked

[16/10 16:54] Denny: huh

[16/10 17:19] Denny: hey

[16/10 17:30] ‪‪Maruva‬: Stl at work baby

[16/10 17:31] ‪‪Maruva‬: Bt no i am now hdng hme

[16/10 17:33] Denny: fyn

[16/10 17:33] ‪‪Maruva‬: ?[16/10 18:25] Denny: bby

[16/10 19:09] Denny: hey

[16/10 21:10]‪ Maruva: bt i wll do this tomorow on a dy light pliz just take mi into consideration i dont hve wyf bt i hve 2 chldren only girls bt i am no longer with my wife for 4years nw so i am very. Ready shrme


[16/10 21:18] ‪Maruva‬: Reply any tym l will be ready so lets charty if i dont qyfy bt i qlfy to be yos shme 4yrs am alony so then i nid someone plz lets chart

[16/10 21:21] ‪‪Maruva‬: Wre a yu bby

[16/10 21:32] ‪‪Maruva: Hy bby

[16/10 22:27] ‪Maruva: Hy

[16/10 23:21] ‪‪Maruva‬: I havr 4years alone so then i qlfy to be yos baby bt l have no wyf i have 2 beutfl girls

[16/10 23:21] ‪‪Maruva‬: The is no zesa shrme l wil do ths baby tmrow early i tha morning

[16/10 23:26] ‪‪Maruva‬: I also need to fuck yu hard as yu say and also to be with yu serious l dont no wat can i do 4yu to no iam very very serious about this shrme stll waiting?

[17/10 05:29] ‪‪Maruva‬: Hy morning

[17/10 05:58] ‪‪Maruva‬: Yu can also call if possible plz wrrd darlington

[17/10 09:20] Denny: hi bby

[19/10 08:57] ‪Maruva‬: Hw a yu

[19/10 08:58] Denny: wher hev yu been

[19/10 08:59] Denny: wanted to send u money but u ddnt send yur lD pic

[19/10 09:00] ‪‪Maruva‬: I was went out of bandles so what du yu say

[19/10 09:02] Denny: ummmm yu cnt afford to buy airtym unmm sorry um going to change your life boy

[19/10 09:02] Denny: send your l.d pic so will b able to gve the agent for money transfer

[19/10 09:04] ‪‪Maruva: K

[19/10 09:22] Denny: thats my man

[19/10 09:22] Denny: send a copy of your l.d

[19/10 09:29] ‪‪Maruva‬: K

[19/10 09:29] Denny: And your full nude pic bby want to see your whole body naked

[19/10 09:33] ‪‪Maruva: K

[19/10 09:55] Denny: ????

[19/10 10:04] ‪‪Maruva‬: Wy question mk

[19/10 10:05] Denny: lm waiting

[19/10 12:39] ‪‪Maruva: K

[19/10 13:35] Denny: you have a big thing my man….so who took you those pics

[19/10 13:36] Denny: so send your picture of your l.d so l cn transfer you money now

[19/10 13:37] Denny: send it now because at 2 will be busy

[19/10 13:37] ‪Maruva‬: I took this alone i jst set up my 4n

[19/10 13:38] Denny: fyn

[19/10 13:38] Denny: so send a pic of your l.d its nearly 2 oclock nw

[19/10 13:39] Denny: ????

[19/10 13:43] Denny: l need a picture of your l.d so l cn be able to send the money

[19/10 13:44] Denny: do you wnt???

[19/10 13:45] ‪‪Maruva‬: Yes i think its net wk problem mama irealy want

[19/10 13:45] ‪Maruva: Stl trying to send

[19/10 13:47] ‪‪Maruva: Those are my real particulars k

[19/10 13:48] Denny: fine….your address coz the lady also need it

[19/10 13:48] ‪‪Maruva: 3363 nketa7 byo

[19/10 13:49] ‪‪Maruva‬: I also need yo pic bby

[19/10 13:49] Denny: fyn

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