Bridget Chimanga who masquerades as a soldier accused of snatching husband Jonathan Bandawe

A Zimbabwean woman Bridget Chimanga today reminded sisi Vee of the video where a woman is being assaulted by a very angry man.Eversince she watched the video,sisi Vee has remained on the fence and highlighted that some of these women are so rough when talking to married women.Sisi Vee has heard it all since many women whose partners go astray approach her for help.

A concerned source close to Jonathan’s wife said ,

“Bridget is at Kaguvi Vocational training centre.  Jonathan Bandawe was living with his partner since last year to the beginning of this year. They were going to the same church apostolic Faith church under Sengwayo. Pastors wanted them to have their relationship according to church doctrines because they lived together as husband and wife without wedding so they were advised to make everything right by living apart but continuing in a relationship and both their parents and relatives knew.

Jonathan owns a car Honda fit reg ACS2850.His long term partner saw Bridget Chimanga in the car wen she visited her husband at his workplace and they said its business. Jonathan works at Mostmark investments selling residential stands in Gweru.

She visited Jonathan as she used to do without notifying him that she was coming as she wanted to wash his clothes. It was afternoon and she thought he was at work and she had spare keys. When she tried unlocking the door thats when it was opened by Bridget.  They quarrelled for long. Since then Jonathan stopped going  to her place.After researching she  found that this girlfriend is at Kaguvi vocational training centre doing hairdressing and cosmetics course. She comes from Shurugwi. She goes to UFIC denomination. Bridget started threatening Jonathan’s partner over the phone and visited her in  soldier uniform with another lady in civilian.”

Meanwhile sisi Vee has spoken to Bridget

[29/10 6:30 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello Bridget how are you.It’s sisi Vee.I write stories.I received information about fracas involving yourself and Jonathan who is said to be someone’s partner.Would you care shedding more light? Your response will be greatly appreciated.

[29/10 7:27 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Hie

[29/10 7:30 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: U alrdy hv e information so go on

[29/10 7:35 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you for your response sisi.Do you mean I should go on and write the story?

[29/10 7:46 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: ✋

[29/10 7:47 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Wat z e story ol abt

[29/10 7:58 pm] Sisi Vee: About the infornation I received

[29/10 8:19 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Wats wat I wanna noe

[29/10 8:20 pm] Sisi Vee: I am seeking your side of the story in case you are aware of it

[29/10 8:20 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Wat story

[29/10 8:20 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Hey cnt gt u

[29/10 8:21 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Wat AR u rly tlkin abt

[29/10 8:22 pm] Sisi Vee: Do you want me to translate into Shona for you?

[29/10 8:22 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Kkkkkkk

[29/10 8:24 pm] Sisi Vee: Kekekekeke .Seriously B because what I asked should be very clear to anyone who understands English

[29/10 8:25 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: E way u speak tells me a lot abt u

[29/10 8:25 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Sorry I dnt understand English

[29/10 8:26 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok will translate

[29/10 8:26 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Wat I ht munhu anobvuma kushandiswa kkkkkkkk

[29/10 8:27 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Luv chingonyora story yacho why urikundibvunza n handis kutoziva zvamurikutaura nezvazvo

[29/10 8:28 pm] Sisi Vee: Ndinonyora nyaya semutapi wenhau.Ndapihwa information yekuti pakaita bongozozo pakati pako nemumwe mudzimai maererano nenyaya yaJonathan.

[29/10 8:29 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok perfect thank you so much .will write .just wanted to hear your side too in case manyepo.

[29/10 8:30 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: U AR wlcm

[29/10 8:31 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Tel e woman kut Mwari ndiye wandinoudza nyaya dzangu kwe vanonyora nhau

[29/10 8:33 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Nyora nhau luv moyo yenyu ifare

[29/10 8:33 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok no problem.I will. Next time ndikaona maakurakashwa pamavideo I will know muri kurakashirwa marough amunopindura varidzi vevarume kana mabvunzwa

[29/10 8:34 pm] Sisi Vee: Is that you in images putting on military attire?

[29/10 8:35 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: No problem itai mavideo kutanga mangwana

[29/10 8:36 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok no problem B .Thank you so much for responding.Greatly appreciated .You take care.

[29/10 8:37 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: U too swty n mind u my hubby by

[29/10 8:37 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok xx

[29/10 8:37 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Z nt married to any1

[29/10 8:37 pm] Sisi Vee: Who?

[29/10 8:37 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: I noe its u Mai Joel ninotya kufa chete

[29/10 8:42 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Ko manyarara wani nokupai chii chingada kupinda PA ?

[29/10 8:42 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Kut zvigonakid Zea

[29/10 8:42 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Zvigonakidza

[29/10 8:45 pm] Sisi Vee: I am sisi Vee love.Google sisi Vee and you will see the many stories I have written

[29/10 8:46 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: So go on ryt myn as well sisi chandinoziva Mwari haasi benzi haandisiye ndichingoedzwa ogosiya zvakadaro

[29/10 8:47 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Handina munhu vandakaitira zvakaipa sezvamareva mati imi varidzi vevarume vakanyarara

[29/10 8:48 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Mkomana wangu haasi married so zvamurikutaura iiii hameno

[29/10 8:49 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Kana naiye zvichatomushamisao chinhu chse chine MA results sisi

[29/10 8:49 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: Chekupikisana nemi kana kubvuma or kuramba Mwari ndiye achapindira ipapo

[29/10 8:58 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much Bridget.Whilst we wait kuti Mwari vapindire will meanwhile write the story.

[29/10 9:00 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: As I said sisi go on ibasa renyu handipo pakukupikisai

[29/10 9:02 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok wazvita B .Thank you so much  for responding

[29/10 9:48 pm] Bridget Chimanga Snatcher: U AR wlcm

Sisi Vee investigating contacted an army personnel to double check if the uniform was aunthentic.[30/10 5:03 am]  Army: Yes Sis Vee, ndiyo chaiyo uniform. According to the colours n badge, it’s supposed to be an Artillery/Air Defence Corps. But, the manner in which the wearer is donning it, she can’t be a real soldier, I bet my last cent she’s just impostoring

It’s not altered to fit, sleeves are not well rolled, the berret is not well laced, far contrary to our smart turn out, especially for a lady.

As for the Chimanga lady, that uniform belongs to a different person, name initials CN, a Sergeant ” Said the source.