A 31 year old Mutare born James Virimayi Madondo who sent his musvos to musvo zimbabwe sugar mummy will live to great the day he made such a blunder

The crazy men who are targeting sugar mums to financially abuse are so quick to get head over heels with the fake sugar mummy such that they don’t even hesitate to send their IDs too.Whoever knows why sending private parts has become so easy is a genius.

The chat with sugar mummy
[15/10 09:49] Denny: Hey James….Did you find the sugar mummy you were looking for?lf you havent l’m here for you with money and everything you can ever dream of but on 1 condition l need someone who is well groomed with a big dick that can make me come

[15/10 09:50] James‬: Hi dear yes I’ve got all that nd its at your disposal dear,how are you tho?

[15/10 09:52] Denny: Um fyn…bey yu good…..lm looking for someone we cn go crazy together-romantic guy who can satisfy me and um ready to shower and spoil him with gifts and money

[15/10 09:53] ‪James: I cant say I’m the best but would rather be your best in heart and trueness, fun and romance is what connect m t u and serves my happiness being satisfting you

[15/10 09:55] Denny: You seem to be a nice guy……l cn see yu aint fake some promise but at the end fail

[15/10 09:55] Denny: where are yu now

[15/10 09:56] ‪James‬: I’m in Zimbabwe, Harare and ryt now in Highfield’s and you?

[15/10 09:57] Denny: lm in SA…do you have  a passport so l can send you money for air ticket so you can come for 2days if you want…. um a busy lady arnd…l run many businesses

[15/10 09:59] James‬: Yes I do but had taken a credit so I owe s few bucs to retrieve then will defiantly come as early as you need me to dear

[15/10 10:00] Denny: You owe who and how much is it

[15/10 10:01] James‬: There is an individual I asked for a loan and left my passport as coleteral,its just a few bucs tho

[15/10 10:01] Denny: how much is it

[15/10 10:01] Denny: Send me your pics

[15/10 10:01] ‪James: Yah its up to you dear you can come

[15/10 10:01] James‬: Its $200USD

[15/10 10:02] Denny: l need you to come here bby

[15/10 10:03] Denny: What if you give him $100 will he give you the passport coz l can send you $300…$100  you pay him and $200 you use for airticket…um sure from Zim to jbg its $130

[15/10 10:03] ‪James: You are such a beauty love,got no pics in this Fon but will sure take a few facials for you just now

[15/10 10:04] ‪James: Yah he can concert to that dear

[15/10 10:04] Denny: woow thex…and l also need your naked pic want to see my man’s ting….

[15/10 10:05] James: Kkkk lovely just abt to bath now so yah its defiantly coming

[15/10 10:05] Denny: fine so when are you ready to come so l can deposit the money now coz arnd 1 want to fly to capetwn for  business

[15/10 10:06] Denny: So send a full body pic bby from head to toe?[15/10 10:07] James‬: U can make the deposit then today will collect the passport then Sunday or Monday will due the booking therefore most probably Tue if the deposit is made today love

[15/10 10:08] James: Kkkk how do I take myself a full photo Babby,I’m a reserved and maybe shy guy to some extend hey

[15/10 10:08] Denny: ummmm Tues no l want yu here bby…Monday betah

[15/10 10:09]James: Ok Babby that can happen,I haven’t checked the flight logs yet love

[15/10 10:09] Denny: thats why l said l need someone to be crazy with bby…um your blesser here so u ought to do lyk wise

[15/10 10:09] Denny: yu tek like a selfie

[15/10 10:10]James: Kkkk okay babes
whatever you need

[15/10 10:10] Denny: most guys tend to lie want to make sure its your ting…lf you satisfy me in bed l promise you heaven on earth…l heard Zim guys are gifted thats wat l wanna c

[15/10 10:10] Denny: ?[15/10 10:11] Denny: But you have an lD right

[15/10 10:11] ‪James‬: OK babes yahh I do have one and can forward you the details

[15/10 10:13] ‪James: I just value bringing a smile to your face and I would rather be true and Frank with on evrythng in life,tht makes me happy love so anything you need I would just be honestly true hey

[15/10 10:13] Denny: yah juss take a pic of your lD and send so they will be no problem with the agent here coz l need to instruct someone before l leave for capetwn to transfer through money gram

[15/10 10:14] Denny: l need someone who is trustworthy whom l can give management roles

[15/10 10:15] Denny: lf you satisfy me you will be drvng this soon

[15/10 10:16] James: Ok babes taking yor Id PIC just now

[15/10 10:17] Denny: l sent you my pics but you ddnt do the same how can l trust yu then

[15/10 10:18] James‬: Don’t worry Babby taking the photos ryt now

[15/10 10:19] Denny: Fine send 1 naked want to see my thing?[15/10 10:19] ‪James: My Fon is a bit slow dear

[15/10 10:20] ‪James: Ok babes just abt to bath

[15/10 10:20] Denny: fyn….um leaving for capetwn at 1 so make it fast

[15/10 10:27] Denny: bby wher are you

[15/10 10:41] Denny: try last one

[15/10 10:42] ‪James‬: Hey I’m sweating out here Babby let m try two more

[15/10 10:44] ‪James‬: Umm baby the rest gues u will see by yrself hey babes

[15/10 10:45]James‬: Can I bath now babes?

[15/10 10:45] Denny: ?This is Musvo Zimbabwe baba chek for your pics on the internet soon?[15/10 10:47] James: Ok man,what can I do tho

[15/10 10:48] Denny: Nothing tikuda pedza chihure ndimi mukupa vanhu aids imimi kkkk

[15/10 10:49] ‪James‬: Kkkk no man I’m actually negative man but its a great concept and move tho hey

[15/10 10:49] Denny: fyn

[15/10 10:49] ‪James‬: So how is it man?

[15/10 10:49] Denny: wat

[15/10 10:51] ‪James: Evrythng man just asking since I just got surved for first and last time in my life,will never try this staff again man kkkk it was my first man umm tyt

[15/10 10:52] Denny: kkkkk don’t worry bruh….c you

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