In the thick of it she was sending her musvos to many other boyfriends including Romeo and that Indian guy.

Below someone interviewed her.

[22:40, 2016/10/22] showcase: Ko wakumhanya nema india futi mmmm

[22:43, 2016/10/22] Melody: Lol

[22:43, 2016/10/22] Melody: Ndiye mkomana wanku chte

[22:48, 2016/10/22] showcase: Ko romeo wawatumira b….

[22:49, 2016/10/22] Melody: Ndewekuzim

[22:49, 2016/10/22] Melody: Everyone is a player

[22:53, 2016/10/22] showcase: Mmmmm wakaoma

[22:53, 2016/10/22] Melody: Yes

[22:53, 2016/10/22] showcase: Apa romeo arikumusha iwe

[22:54, 2016/10/22] Melody: Lol akutoitawo e same

[22:54, 2016/10/22] showcase: Hoo haa imboita munhu akauya manje wakutoita kunge unegore muno

[22:55, 2016/10/22] Melody: Lol


Sisi Vee later had a discussion with  Melody seeking clarification

[24/10 10:10 am] Sisi Vee: Hello sisi Melody.How are you .It’s sisi Vee I write stories.I have written to clarify if the vagina you are said to have sent to your boyfriends is yours and if you know a Romeo and an Indian man etc.Your response will be greatly appreciated

[24/10 10:16 am] Melody Madziva: Sis vee from where

[24/10 10:16 am] Sisi Vee: From Mutare

[24/10 10:17 am] Melody Madziva: Nop they are from internet sis vee

[24/10 10:19 am] Sisi Vee: Ok Thank you very much for your response sisi.Let me send you the images

[24/10 10:19 am] Melody Madziva: Ok

[24/10 10:20 am] Melody Madziva: Waiting

[24/10 10:22 am]  Melody Madziva: The picture above is mine bt the second is internet

[24/10 10:23 am] Sisi Vee: Thank you sisi.Is it you chating with ……

[24/10 10:23 am]  Melody Madziva: Yes

[24/10 10:24 am]  Melody Madziva: So wat r u going to do wth dat

[24/10 10:29 am] Sisi Vee: Write a story so I contacted you for clarification just in case someone was lying about you.However as you can see too if I didnt have the evidence you would have denied it handiti

[24/10 10:29 am]  Melody Madziva: No ndandisingarambe hanku ndakazviita bt handna kusenta manude pix kumunhu wese

[24/10 10:30 am] Melody Madziva: So your story is sbout me or wat I dont understand sis vee

[24/10 10:31 am] Sisi Vee: Thank you for clarifying sisi and for your politeness.The story is about you sending your nudes to men.

[24/10 10:31 am]  Melody Madziva: Ok no problem goodluck

[24/10 10:32 am]  Melody Madziva: So who sent u my pics

[24/10 10:34 am] Sisi Vee: I dont reveal sources sisi.My advice to you sisi Melo is you dont send anyone your nudes.Respect your body sisi .

[24/10 10:35 am] Melody Madziva: Ok thanks sisi vee

[24/10 10:35 am]  Melody Madziva: Good lucky in wat u r doing

[24/10 10:35 am] Sisi Vee: You are most welcome sisi and thank you so much once again ?[24/10 10:36 am] Melody Madziva: Oky

[24/10 10:36 am] Melody Madziva: You sent me your job after u finnish

[24/10 10:38 am] Sisi Vee: Ok no problem sisi .

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