MusvoZimbabwe ‘exclusive rights’ of information especially for all those who charge when using  exclusive images sourced by us etc whatever your agenda is.

We are a very understanding news media , working in collaboration with other Zimbabwe  news outlets.We stongly  believe that the media should work together as one when the need arises as in this case and many other cases , but in good faith.

However, the problem arises when musvozimbabwe’s exclusive images and videos  which whatsapp group members are subscribing for at us$1 a month ,are used by other media houses without our permission .The media houses go on to sell their print papers without paying our sources who are appreciated by musvozimbabwe using whatsapp members’ subscription fees and others financial sources which include personal family funds.

That being the case , some media houses are making money from our sources who they are not appreciating ,and are also doing so at the expense of our subscribing members.

Sisi Vee is very kind and understanding.She actually gives many exclusive to musvozimbabwe unprinted images to some owners of zimbabwe online media outlets and also to H-Metro etc .That’s how understanding and helpful she is.

The bottom line is if you are a media house and decides to use our images etc as they are and especially the exclusive information from the chats too without officially asking can you please refer the story and images back to us in your stories and don’t write as if it is your  own work .Otherwise it amounts to stealing which is unprofessional disastrous journalism just as in academic plagiarism. If you refer to musvozimbabwe as the original source that will be perfect.

Sisi Vee always refers back to where she gets eg some profiles about people.Once or twice she has acknowledged Pindula database online and many other sources..

Let’s work together in a professional manner.Ask and you will be given.If you don’t ask always remember to quote the source of your information.

Looking at the positive side, thank you so much B-Metro,H-Metro and other media houses ; radio , online that are also now relying on our news gathering expertise .Thank you so much for helping to spread the news.That is greatly appreciated.The more the news reach more people the better….but let us officially work together while  recognising and appreciating each other’s expertise and hard work.

Please feel free to contact sisi Vee if you need eg unprinted images for your use or clarification etc.

Some of you are also using the contacts we share , to contact our recipients for news which is not bad but just refer back to musvozimbabwe . However, we share their contacts to show our dedicated readers that we did the work and not for other media houses to take advantage of and use moreso without asking for permission to use the information .Please feel free to contact musvozimbabwe to have access to much more information and unprinted images.Best wishes.