Singer Trevor Dongo is seen in 53sec video in a fist fight with a street man as cheerleaders encourage the fight to go on while other fellow Zimbabwean onlookers ‘watch’.Whatever has made Zimbabweans to be so heartless.

“You dont watch a fight ….you help..and this is a nation of citizens who claim to be Christians.The time used to take a video could have been used to help too. Whatever happened to love and help in our nation.It’s a shame .Actually , nations now need laws to arrest all those who take photos and videos instead of helping”- Sis Vee .

[16/10 6:58 pm] Gr5: I was there sisi Vee the guy akamoresa musikana ange ana Trevor akati wamumhorosei musikana wandiri kufamba naye.
That was the issue not a selfie issue .Akazorohwa ne simbi Trevor

[16/10 7:02 pm] Sisi Vee: Hezvo .Thank you so much .maiwee .akakuvara?

[16/10 7:03 pm] Sisi Vee: …and the girl did not help at all?

[16/10 7:24 pm] Gr5 : Ehe akakuvara ane dzungu

[16/10 7:25 pm] Sisi Vee: Iye aikwazisirei musikana waaifamba naye.Munhu akati wakwazisirei musikana wangu apologise and go.

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