When 21 year old Sean Madera’s musvos reached sisi Vee, little did he know that his issue had come to the kind helper he would confide in and help him to find a breakthrough which would end his fear and anxiety and turn his life around.Sean who was afraid of telling his parents that he is gay confided in sisi Vee on the phone telling her that he knew that he was gay since he was in grade seven .He however endured a life of fear and anxiety as he could not tell his parents that he was not the Sean they expected him to be .

Shaken Sean asked sisi Vee how he could stop being gay assuring her that he was willing not to be gay if there was a way to change who he was because he was never going to be accepted by his parents and the community .Sisi Vee explained to him that if he was naturally gay he has to live with it just like any other human being who was living with who they are .As the conversation ensued ,Sean realised that sisi Vee would help him to get his parents to understand and accept who he was.

“Can you please help me and tell my parents that I am gay and to accept me but I doubt if they will accept it.I am afraid of being here at home and I want to leave and go like to Namibia ” Said Sean in a sorrowful voice .

Sis Vee then spoke to the mother and took her through an emotional session that enabled the mother to finally say “It is well with my soul “.

The mother agreed to be refered to GALZ with Sean for support .When Sean heard the good news that his mother would accept reality he was so overwhelmed with joy such that he started playing his guitar.

Speaking to Sean’s mother on the phone today , it was very clear that a mother who was worrying and in shock was so relieved that someone was listening to her.

01/10/2016, 5:48 am – Sean Madera Mother: Vana so.Apa anga akuda kuzvisunga saying mummy i am not gay.

01/10/2016, 9:07 am – Sisi Vee: Ndamuka mamukawo auntie.You mean kuzvisungirira ? I have malove messages emachats achitumira vakomana plus information yemagays  aanoshamwaridzana navo.Then pachat yangu naye handiti maona achitaura kuti ane boyfriend yake.Andipa zita racho pandaisa madots.

01/10/2016, 9:32 am – Sean Madera Mother: Zvakaoma

01/10/2016, 9:33 am – Sean Madera Mother: Ndodii pano ndiye mwana wandinototi akanyarara mufunge

01/10/2016, 9:35 am – Sean Madera Mother: Way forward ndokumbira mundibatsire handifungi kuti zvakatanga kare i am confused and very worried

01/10/2016, 9:36 am – Sean Madera Mother: Pane paakati Dad aitoda kuti dead kuchikoro was.not good at all

01/10/2016, 9:37 am – Sean Madera Mother: Ndoodiiwo asikana

01/10/2016, 9:39 am – Sisi Vee: Ehe mashamwari ake akati hes very well behaved and respects parents too.Dont worry about it too much auntie.Tinokudza Ishe nechikomborero chemwana.Will phone you pandinongoita free for calls tibhuye.

01/10/2016, 9:40 am – Sisi Vee: Dont stress about it mudikani

01/10/2016, 9:40 am – Sean Madera Mother: Aatosungwi here mwana uyu

01/10/2016, 9:41 am – Sean Madera Mother: Ndakamusvara ne 5month at Mutare General hosiptal

01/10/2016, 9:42 am – Sean Madera Mother: Ndotoshaya kana chekubata,mvura chaiyo kuramba kudzika

01/10/2016, 9:42 am – Sean Madera Mother: Kuona mhengo yemwana wangu pafon here anhu woye

01/10/2016, 9:43 am – Sean Madera Mother: Haina kusvika kure here

01/10/2016, 9:44 am – Sisi Vee: Aiwa not at all .Haasungwi .Ngaangorega kutumira maimage .Dont stress auntie.Vamwe vari kuona zvitunha zvevana paphone so tendai Mwari kuti you are far much better than other mothers..Aiwa nyaya haizi kusvika kureba.

01/10/2016, 9:46 am – Sisi Vee: Where is he auntie? Keep all eyes on him.Anga achiti anoda kutiza pamba.

01/10/2016, 9:47 am – Sean Madera Mother: Zvakaoma kani

01/10/2016, 9:48 am – Sean Madera Mother: Saka ndomutii.Arikutotya kana kutaura neni uyu

01/10/2016, 9:50 am – Sisi Vee: Ehe kutsonga.Mutaurirei kuti asanetsekane we all make mistakes he should continue to be a good boy.

01/10/2016, 9:54 am – Sean Madera Mother: Zvakaoma my dear

01/10/2016, 9:54 am – Sean Madera Mother: I thank God fo you my dear

01/10/2016, 9:54 am – Sean Madera Mother: Mozondifonera

01/10/2016, 9:55 am – Sisi Vee: You are welcome auntie.Ehe ndofona ndobva ndataura naye too

01/10/2016, 9:56 am – Sisi Vee: Will text you kana ndaakufona

01/10/2016, 9:57 am – Sean Madera Mother: Okay dearest

01/10/2016, 9:57 am – Sean Madera Mother: Zvakaoma

02/10/2016, 12:47 am – Sisi Vee: Hello auntie .Kuri sei.Tafamba and came back late so due to time differences it was late ikoko.

Kuri sei mudikani?

02/10/2016, 1:21 am – Sean Madera Mother: Iam okay.Sean ndiye arikungochema

02/10/2016, 1:22 am – Sisi Vee: Really auntie?

02/10/2016, 1:24 am – Sisi Vee: Mangwana will definitely call you before 8pm dzeikoko.

02/10/2016, 1:24 am – Sean Madera Mother: Ehe.Kana kudya adya kuseni chete one slice of bread

02/10/2016, 1:25 am – Sean Madera Mother: Mazviita.Zvakaoma.

02/10/2016, 1:26 am – Sean Madera Mother: Tinotanga church na 8

02/10/2016, 1:26 am – Sisi Vee: Shame.Ndotaura naye paphone too mangwana.You are welcome auntie. Munotanga 8pm?

02/10/2016, 1:27 am – Sean Madera Mother: AUD-20161002-WA0001.mp3 (file attached)

02/10/2016, 1:28 am – Sean Madera Mother: Abhotumirwa this audio namukoma vake asi ummmmm

02/10/2016, 1:29 am – Sean Madera Mother: Fon yake haisikuitta

02/10/2016, 1:29 am – Sisi Vee: Very true .great teaching there .yafa?

02/10/2016, 1:30 am – Sean Madera Mother: Tamubvunza arikungpchema uyu

02/10/2016, 1:30 am – Sean Madera Mother: Vana so

02/10/2016, 1:31 am – Sean Madera Mother: Regai ndirare tomutsana kuseni

02/10/2016, 1:31 am – Sean Madera Mother: Stay blessed

02/10/2016, 1:32 am – Sisi Vee: Ehe auntie zvati nekutsonga.Ehe thank you so much .Have a peaceful night .momutarisa .mangwana will definitely phone .?

02/10/2016, 1:34 am – Sean Madera Mother: Tiri kutomutyira. But God will protect

02/10/2016, 1:34 am – Sean Madera Mother: The devil is a liar

02/10/2016, 5:16 am – Sean Madera Mother: PTT-20161002-WA0004.opus (file attached)

02/10/2016, 6:29 am – Sean Madera Mother: Morng

02/10/2016, 2:08 pm – Sean Madera Mother: Hw ar u .Mamuka sei ndadzoka kubva kuchurch

02/10/2016, 2:09 pm – Sean Madera Mother: U can call

02/10/2016, 3:36 pm – Sisi Vee: Hello mai Sean.So so muri sei.Ok will be free in  about 30 mins.will text you

02/10/2016, 3:40 pm – Sean Madera Mother: K thnx

02/10/2016, 4:21 pm – Sisi Vee: Auntie pachipamwe .ndofona here?

02/10/2016, 4:53 pm – Sean Madera Mother: Ehe

02/10/2016, 4:54 pm – Sean Madera Mother: Pachipamwe Sean wacho aripo.

02/10/2016, 4:58 pm – Sisi Vee: Ok

02/10/2016, 5:00 pm – Sean Madera Mother: Motanga kutaura naSean here

02/10/2016, 5:01 pm – Sisi Vee: Ehe

02/10/2016, 5:01 pm – Sean Madera Mother: Ok

02/10/2016, 5:01 pm – Sisi Vee: Regai ndifone futi

02/10/2016, 5:18 pm – Sisi Vee: Ok saka zvaa right hazvo because anoona zvakanganisika

02/10/2016, 6:46 pm – Sisi Vee: Mataura naye here after our talk on the phone ?

02/10/2016, 6:47 pm – Sean Madera Mother: Ehe akutosekerera hanzi mhamha regai ndino testwa munondiperekedza.Ndikati okay mwana wangu

02/10/2016, 6:48 pm – Sean Madera Mother: Akutoridza hake Guitar

02/10/2016, 6:49 pm – Sean Madera Mother: Hanzi mhamha ndokudai musandisiyeyo

02/10/2016, 6:50 pm – Sisi Vee: Gooooood perfect .well done auntie.You are such a good mother.May God bless you.Ehee hes such a pleasant child..great gift chaiyo.

02/10/2016, 6:51 pm – Sean Madera Mother: Ok my dear.

02/10/2016, 6:52 pm – Sean Madera Mother: I love him zvisingaite maybe God is building something in me

02/10/2016, 6:53 pm – Sean Madera Mother: For David to be a leader akatotangira kumakwai

02/10/2016, 6:53 pm – Sisi Vee: Exactly auntie .you really know kuita kwaMwari

02/10/2016, 6:53 pm – Sean Madera Mother: Mwari vaimudzidzisa

02/10/2016, 6:54 pm – Sisi Vee: Eheee

02/10/2016, 6:55 pm – Sean Madera Mother: IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL

Meanwhile some very kind words to sisi Vee came from well wishers privy to the issue and many other issues that sisi Vee has helped to resolve .

02/10/2016, 7:03 pm – Person 1: Thank you for helping him and family sister. U are a blessing sisi u know? Why do u have such a kind heart ? U help many people sisi

02/10/2016, 7:04 pm – Sisi Vee: Ibasa raMwari.I don’t even understand where I get the words kuti vanhu vanzwisise . He was planning to run away to Namibia but now hes playing his guitar .He had stopped eating normally.

02/10/2016, 7:07 pm -Person 1:He was very scared i saw that. And yes he has always been with his guitar….. But after you talked to him is he now well. Thank you sister…. I have no words to express how happy I am. If there is any way I can help please let me know. You are any angel sister. Ndapererwa nemashoko.I feel like crying sisi Vee. U are really an angel.I’m relieved I have witnessed a suicide issue once kuno because of parents failing to accept a child

02/10/2016, 7:32 pm – Person 2: Thnx thanx so much sis God bless u…. I dnt have enuf words to explain ur work if i had them i wld have rewrote thm a mill tyms so others wll undernstand maita henyu.