Bulawayo central police chief inspector Enock Masimba said to be on forced leave over Given’s murder case pending investigation ,while suspect Primrose Chiseva has left Chiredzi for Beitbridge.

A source related to Masimba and currently on his side moving around with him has updated sisi Vee.

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[01/11 6:01 pm] Missing Child Story: I have a big bombshell for you get ready?[01/11 6:02 pm] Missing Child Story: BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!! MASIMBA HAS BEEN SUSPENDED PENDING FURTHER INVESTIGATIONS!!!!! HE IS NO LONGER AT WORK!!!!

[01/11 6:03 pm] Missing Child Story: well done sisi vee your pressure and activism has paid dividends

[01/11 6:03 pm] Missing Child Story: ?[01/11 6:09 pm] Sisi Vee: Really ?Sounds like a dream

[01/11 6:10 pm] Sisi Vee: He is not going to work anymore or what hanzvadzi?

[01/11 6:11 pm] Missing Child Story: He is on forced leave as i speak

[01/11 6:11 pm] Missing Child Story: Whilst being investigated

[01/11 6:12 pm] Missing Child Story: Mhosva hairovi

[01/11 6:12 pm] Sisi Vee: So was he not at his workplace today?

[01/11 6:12 pm] Missing Child Story: No he wasn’t

[01/11 6:13 pm] Missing Child Story: And he won’t be back there anytime soon

[01/11 6:13 pm] Missing Child Story: As per directives from hre HQ

[01/11 6:15 pm] Missing Child Story: He said everyone is talking about him at work

[01/11 6:15 pm] Missing Child Story: He is really embarrassed

[01/11 6:16 pm] Missing Child Story: Makaoma sisi vee?[01/11 6:17 pm] Missing Child Story: Prim jus ran away from Chiredzi and is in Beitbridge at her brothers place murume Wa Caroline and Walter is coming back mangwana from South Africa

[01/11 6:17 pm] Missing Child Story: What a coincidence!!!!!

[01/11 6:18 pm] Missing Child Story: Walter is in joburg

[01/11 6:18 pm] Missing Child Story: But coming back after nyaya yaprim yanetsa

[02/11 8:00 am] Missing Child Story: Good morning sis

[02/11 10:44 am] Sisi Vee: Morning morning my brother .Any latest ? Is Masimba at work today

[02/11 10:56 am] Missing Child Story: No he isn’t

[02/11 10:56 am] Missing Child Story: He was suspended for real

[02/11 11:11 am] Sisi Vee: Really hanzvadzi? Thank you so much .So will update readers .Perfect yea we need the crb to start other proceedings.

Meanwhile Primrose is no longer responding to sisi Vee’s messages
[01/11 7:04 pm] Sisi Vee: Primrose how are you getting on?

[01/11 10:05 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello Prim

[02/11 11:30 am] Sisi Vee: Hello hello Primrose.You dont want to talk to me anymore asi kani
Pictured is said to be Primrose and her ex boyfriend Tendai Mukuda.In the other image is Caroline .Primrose has since confirmed in an audio sponsored by musvozimbabwe and in possession , that Collen Chibarwa is her ex.There are also allegations that she aborted Collen ‘s pregnancy at five months and used the body parts for ritual purposes. Previously she dodged the question when sisi Vee asked her if she knows Collen.In the same audio Primrose also confirmed that Tendai Mukuda and Dominic Manhondo are her ex boyfriends .

Tendai is not new to criminal activities either , after having been arrested before as per document.He is said to have been unlawfully realeased by Masimba .

Also investigating the case Lt Hove has gathered that

Hove 2 : I talked to Walter ,Primrose’s current boyfriend he said he wasn’t aware  and had no history about his girlfriend Primrose

Hove 2: Also his mom said that

Hove 2: Primerose confirmed she was in Harare time ye agricultural show with her sister but she’s yet to give me number yesister

Hove 2: A person from registry is checking her real name and age

Hove 2: She said she was at bulawayo poly but Primerose chiseva was not a student pa poly ne time she gave me hexco had no record for her

Hove 2: She is saying she’s twenty six years old .Caroline denied that and that she is married to her brother

Hove 2: Caroline’s husband is Dziva whereby Primerose is Chiseva or Shumba

Hove 2: She has a record of eleven boyfriends. A character alligned  to hit and runners

Hove 2: She confirmed she’s into buying and selling clothes a business that failed

Hove 2: She didn’t tell me of a church she goes but normally visits magaya

Hove 2: So there is need for a fresh investigation into the case. l know and remember the case but no records ku crime registry which is not normal

Hove 2: She could not give me names of her parents. l wanted to know who they are  and she could not reveal to me people she knows in government

Sisi Vee also spoke to Primrose for the second time a few days ago
[30/10 7:49 pm] Sisi Vee: Primrose vaswera sei..I hope I find you well.I was thinking kuti ko why dont you go to the police to clear your name because I understand your are on wanted list and the dockect is kuBulawayo.Why dont you go there to clear your name.
You dont want to be living a life like this Prim .

[31/10 9:33 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Hie,l have gone ere bfo n if u think lm nt telling e truth jus go to byo central police station n go to the homicide dvsn n ey wil tell u dat lv bn ere

[31/10 10:27 am] Sisi Vee: Ok Primrose.Thank you so much.Who did you see there and what did they say? Can you please send me the name or names of the officers you spoke to and their phone numbers .Your help will be greatly appreciated.

[31/10 10:39 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: If l may ask u ,dnt u thnk u shld hv done all dat research bfo u ruined my reputation .cz rit nw if u find out dat lm innocent wil u go to everyone who saw wat u wrote n tel em dat u made a mistake

[31/10 10:41 am] Sisi Vee: Stop wasting my time Primrose just give me the information I asked for so I follow up.Thank you.

[31/10 10:43 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Oooh so u dnt care whether ur telling e truth or not as long as waprinter smthn,dis is my life dat ur playing w.God is watching u n hl surely reward u fo wat uv done.tld u if u reali want justice lik u sae u do go kubyo central n go kuhomicide hanti kune log book n ul c if l went ere or not .

[31/10 10:48 am] Sisi Vee: Woman not all of us are fools.It is you who should make an effort to clear your name by providing that information and not me to run around to clear your name for me. Vaakunditsamwisa manje.Unoda kurakashwa too I think .

[31/10 10:49 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: God bless u

[31/10 10:50 am] Sisi Vee: Bless me for what?

[31/10 10:51 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Fo whateva ur sayin

[31/10 10:57 am] Sisi Vee: Why does it need God’s blessings?

[31/10 10:59 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Cz ur actually angry at m telling m ndoda kurakashwa wen lv done  nthn wrong so dei Mwari vakuitira nyasha so dat u find out e truth n stop saying wat u saying to ppl abt m

[31/10 11:01 am] Sisi Vee: As far as I can tell now you are a murderer so usada kunyepera kungwara mhosva hairovi.

[31/10 11:02 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Heya kana zvirizvo zvamofunga hazvina kushata Mwari ndiye anoziva shuwa n kno chokwadi chichangobuda pachena chete

[31/10 11:04 am] Sisi Vee: Chokwadi chinobuda if you give me the names of the officers you went to see at Bulawayo central and their contact numbers so hauna kungwara .

[31/10 11:06 am] Sisi Vee: It’s very fortunate kuti your story has come to me I will not rest kusvikira vafa or ndafa.

[31/10 11:08 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Prob is u wana investigate ova e fon dats why u get wrong info,tld u to go ere ,hanti afta ey tok to u unotofiller eir bk inotaura date n tim ey spoke to u wotosigner n zita re e persn who u tokd to u.pamuri kundituka pese apa dei zvirizvo zvamakaita

[31/10 11:08 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: U wil nt rest til ndafa ?so ur nw threatening m reali

[31/10 11:09 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Kill m fo wat ?

[31/10 11:10 am] Sisi Vee: Kekekeke dofo .If I could kill I would .Iwe hauna kuuraya?

[31/10 11:13 am] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Ndakauraya ani uye makandiona here?nwae l dnt thnk u want justice cz if u wntd dat u wldnt b threatening m.wat hpnd to innocent til proven guilty.l ddnt kill anyone so nyorai nhema dzenyu asi one day u shall ansa fo it kuna Mwari .wateva bad thing u do in lif wil cm bek to u .Mwari haasi wemunhu 1

[31/10 12:15 pm] Sisi Vee: Haiwawo Mwari wei iwe satan  mhondi.

[31/10 12:18 pm] +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: ??
More to follow