They never learn and they continue to dine with conartists who they trust with large sums of their cash despite sisi Vee’s naming and shaming of such dubious social media groups and said organisations.

However when things go wrong they know who to approach for help.The same person who is always naming and shaming such crooks.

Sisi Vee who has been refered to as satan’s angel by Nehanda Radio Lance Guma and Zimeye Simbarashe Chikanza kekekekekeke laughs at the media dudes whenever she looks at the large number if Zimbabweans who flock to her for help .Their personal agendas definitely failed to achieve the intended aim.

After talking to sisi vee today conwoman Praise Chabona did not waste time but she hurriedly paid back the money she had crooked.
Below is Cherise talking to conwoman Praise on the 18th of October and today is the 8th of November

[17:12, 18/10/2016] Cherise Dee: Munopindurawo

[17:16, 18/10/2016] Praise: Ndiani

[17:19, 18/10/2016] Cherise Dee: ndicherise mukoma

[17:29, 18/10/2016] Praise: Am hoping to get something tomorrow. Will let u know kana paine zvaita

[17:30, 18/10/2016] Cherise Dee: Ok its cool.

[14:25, 20/10/2016] Cherise Dee: Mukoma

[05:28, 21/10/2016] Cherise Dee: Ndakangomirirawo asikana.mwana wangu akangogara pamba.ndokumbirawo mari yandakakupai

[16:31, 01/11/2016] Cherise Dee: I am still waiting for my money

[09:50, 05/11/2016] Cherise Dee: Ndipoo mari yeround
2. Below is Jewel talking to Praise

[20/10 9:43 pm] Mai Jewel?: Hie praise

[20/10 9:43 pm] Mai Jewel?: I think its unfair kundiburitsa mugroup ndisati ndawana mari yangu

[20/10 9:43 pm] Mai Jewel?: Ndidzoserewo

[21/10 5:38 am] Praise Round: Sorry hako Mai Jewel. I thought wanga wavakutenga nyaya dzisiri dzako.

[21/10 5:39 am] Praise Round: Ndichakudzosera

[21/10 5:42 am] Mai Jewel?: Hakusi kutenga bcoz neniwo yangu haisati yauya n that makes me be a part of u guys

[21/10 5:44 am] Praise Round: U are not part of the group, u are only part of one person asati akupa Mari yako

[21/10 5:45 am] Praise Round: Taura kuinbox

[21/10 5:45 am] Mai Jewel?: Pakutaura KT ari kukanda hauna kutaura kuinbox vakoma wakataura pagrup

[21/10 5:47 am] Mai Jewel?: Oh well yah am not part of the Grup chindidzoserai ndinzwe KT todii nemari yangu
Speaking to sisi Vee today Praise had this to say until she completely ignored sisi Vee

[08/11 11:22 am] Sisi Vee: Hello sisi Praise.It’s sisi Vee.I write stories.I received the information below about you coning some women their money for round.May you please enlighten on what transpired.Your response will be greatly appreciated

[08/11 11:26 am] Praise Chabona Conartist: Cherise haana kutsotswa it’s only kuti iye paaifanira kundipa Mari haana kundipa. She delayed big time so when its her turn to get money I only delayed like she did .

[08/11 11:28 am] Praise Chabona Conartist: Mai Jewel, I don’t owe her any money. Munhu and Mari yake anomuziva not me.

[08/11 11:29 am] Sisi Vee: Thank you so much for responding sisi.Did you block her mai Jewel?

[08/11 11:33 am] Praise Chabona Conartist: No I didn’t block her, ndakangimibudisa mugroup since she had resigned from the group

[08/11 11:34 am] Sisi Vee: Ok .Can you please add her back in group. who has her money?

[08/11 11:42 am] Sisi Vee: Are you there sisi

[08/11 11:43 am] Praise Chabona Conartist: Yes Am here, am giving the msg to the owners of the group. Am only an admin so I have to consult varidzi vegroup. So give me a min.

[08/11 11:47 am] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you sisi.

[08/11 11:48 am] Sisi Vee: But you are the one who removed her from the group .right?

[08/11 11:49 am] Sisi Vee: Who are the owners of the group?

[08/11 12:38 pm] Sisi Vee: Are you there sisi

[08/11 1:35 pm] Sisi Vee: Are you still consulting them sisi.Whilst you are consulting them, what about Cherise do you owe her money that she gave you?

[08/11 2:00 pm] Sisi Vee: Am still waiting for your response sisi

[08/11 8:14 pm] Sisi Vee: It’s more than a minute now sisi
However as sisi Vee was talking to Praise , Praise started making arrangements to pay back .

[08/11 2:14 pm] Cherise conned : sisi vee my batry is gettng low mukaona ndangoti zii am chaging fon

[08/11 2:15 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi.

[08/11 4:03 pm] Cherise conned by Praise: Sis vee thank you she has sent the money. i greatly appreciate. ndanga ndanzwa nekufona achiignowa.let me sent my testimony of yr help to facebook page.i always follow yr page and see you helping people

[08/11 4:17 pm] Sisi Vee: Perfect you are most welcome and thank you so much for briefing and for the public testimony and for following page too .