Liar and so called socialite Jacqueline Ngarande who also uses the ghost account Nokuhle  Motseope on Facebook and Instagram was pregnant in 2014 ,carrying Chiyangwa’s child but no one ever got to see her child .This raised speculation that she aborted Chiyangwa’s pregnancy.

Chiyangwa would spend thousands of dollars on his girlfriends who included Jacqueline Ngarande ,

Danisa Natasha Moyana, Mati Kanoyangwa, Lindsey Ndlovu, Sarah Frankis, Siphiso Sithole, Tracy Mandaba and Cherylene Mutambirwa.

A few years ago Chiyangwa was in a sexual relationship with a Bulawayo girl , Fortune who later relocated to the UK after she learnt that Chiyangwa had infected her with the deadly virus.Fortune who worked at Old Mutual confirmed to sisi Vee that at that time Chiyangwa was also going out with Jacqueline.

The events of two days ago surrounding a musvo video said to have been satanic conman Tazvi Mhaka’s girlfriend doing musvo with a garden boy led to revelations that Chiyangwa’s Jacqueline Ngarande is the same HIV positive loose canon who is in a sexual relationship with married conman Tazvi Mhaka.

Eversince Tazvi Mhaka’s shameful shenanigans appeared on musvozimbabwe news site , Jacqueline has harboured a grudge against the website such that she decided to come up with shameful lies.

Sisi Vee has since established that HIV spreader Jacqueline  deliberately lied about who posted the original thread about Tazvi Mhaka’s said musvo tape.Thinking she was hiding she posted the lies on facebook using her ghost account implicating a  woman called Daphne in an effort to tarnish her image. Jacqueline who was not aware that musvozimbabwe has the original screen shot showing the poster of the thread who is not Daphne bragged about her lies and in the process also lied that Daphne was working with musvozimbabwe yet musvozimbabwe only became aware of Daphne today after receiving a screenshot of the lies.

Jacqueline who claims to be a model is said to be staying  in Avondale if she hasn’t moved and at one point her rentals were footed by womaniser Chiyangwa in exchange for sex.

The so called socialite is well known for targeting rich men as she spreads the virus knowingly.

Sisi Vee investigating on the lies by Jacqueline ,now also conman Tazvi Mhaka ‘s sexual partner has since contacted her.It is not clear if sisi Vee has been blocked or not since the woman just went quiet after having claimed to be in church.While in her church she actually phoned sisi Vee twice on whatsapp but no phone conversation took place.

[10/11 6:59 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello Jackie how are you.Just wanted to ask if you are the one who posted this screenshot?Your response will be greatly appreciated

[10/11 7:03 pm] Sisi Vee: It’s sisi Vee

[10/11 7:07 pm] +263 77 194 9101 Jackie Ngarande: Hi in church

[10/11 7:07 pm] +263 77 194 9101 Jackie Ngarande: Whats this about

[10/11 7:07 pm] +263 77 194 9101 Jackie Ngarande: The only vimbai who is my sister is vimbai chidamba

[10/11 7:09 pm] Sisi Vee: It’s sisi Vee Jackie

[10/11 7:09 pm] Sisi Vee: ..on behalf of musvozimbabwe

[10/11 7:10 pm] Sisi Vee: Are you by any chance the one who posted that screen shot saying musvozimbabwe is working with that lady?

[10/11 7:14 pm] Sisi Vee: Im not able to talk on phone Jackie can you please type

[10/11 8:20 pm] Sisi Vee: Are you still in church Jackie?


Lesson is beware of the lies that haters deliberately spread.

A good samaritan who knows that musvozimbabwe doesn’t work with Daphne being lied about,  challenged Jacqueline about the lies and she was blocked from their facebook group.

[10/11 10:37 am] Samaritan: Hahaha ndakatoshamao nazvo ndikati vanhu vanodaro nei and took  screen shot iyoyi. ndakabva ndablokwa pagroup pacho koz ndakati siyanai na Musvo Zimbabwe.

[10/11 10:38 am] Samaritan: Bva ndablokwa ndikati ndezvenyu..koz ini ndaitozviziya kuti you didnt even know about said tape yatazvi until I showed you .




Original poster who lied about the musvo tape is Thelma Chihera Gee and not Daphne

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