UPDATE : GIVEN MATAPURE: 3 year old who went missing at Harare showgrounds in 2011

Southerton police detective  Masunga is said to have started work on Given’s case whereby police who looked into the murder of the child are said to have done a bad job.The issue was raised to  sisi Vee a few weeks ago who in turn has worked tirelessly with a team in Zimbabwe to pursue justice for the child. This is amid claims that an accomplice in the murder ,one  Primrose Chiseva continues continues to enjoy her freedom while police turn ‘a blind eye’.   However Given’s parents are rumoured to be partners in business with Assistant Police Commissioner Charity Charamba.


If that is the case then that probably explains why justice is not being sought for Given .


Hear this ??

[15/11 7:54 pm] Missing Child Story 2: And maparents aGiven are definitely involved

[15/11 7:54 pm] Missing Child Story 2: They know something

[19/11 6:31 pm] Missing Child Story 2: Hi sisi Vee

[19/11 6:55 pm] Sisi Vee: Hey hanzvadzi long time kuri sei

[19/11 6:56 pm] Missing Child Story 2: Longtime for sure,kuno kuri bho,am trying to get in touch with Given’s parents.Will let u know wen I have something solid

[19/11 6:57 pm] Sisi Vee: Perfect eheeee munenge magona stereki .good luck

[22/11 6:33 pm] Missing Child Story 2: Hi sis,I managed to get someone who can get in touch with Givens mother, and I still can’t believe what she said.Mai Given said “tanzwa nekudyirwa mari nevanhu nenyaya iyoyo,nyaya iri kumapurisa and don’t bother me with your nonsense ndiri kubasa”

Nhai sisi is this the type of response from a mother who had her child killed? She is more worried about basa ravo not mwana akatsakatika,I am now convinced she had something to do with the death. I think it was for rituals

[22/11 6:45 pm] Missing Child Story 2: And more interesting, is that senior police spokesperson Charity Charamba is in business with Matapures,they are partners in a construction company called Arc Construction

[22/11 7:29 pm] Missing Child Story 2: So u also found out they have construction company? I just found out today,and zvinonzi they started the company  in 2012 after death of Given

[23/11 2:08 pm] Missing Child Story 2: Ko u said primrose’s case will be under review today at PGHQ,wats the latest?


Before the communication above sisi Vee spoke to a family friend weeks back

[28/10 12:56 pm] Knows Given Family: Hie sisi Vee given matapure his father was my best friend in zim and my wife used to work for the wife mai matapure i am very close to them i am shocked with what i am hearing

[28/10 12:58 pm] Knows Given Family: I know the boy given i know the father the mother is a business woman in the engineering industry.

[28/10 12:58 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello wangu .Thank you so much for letting me know.Bless you.Can you please let them know and get in touch too.Need to help them seek justice.Haisi nyaya ingangonyararwa .Someone has to be arrested and names taanawo.

[28/10 1:04 pm] Knows Given Family: Here is their company contact 04 611668

[28/10 1:12 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much ?

[28/10 1:13 pm] Knows Given Family: Because those contacts on the banner  Mati who was representing the family from the mothers side passed away.

[28/10 1:14 pm] Sisi Vee: Really? Thank you for clarifying

[28/10 1:16 pm] Knows Given Family: And also Tatenda is the young brother of Given’s father and this matapure by that time he was in the funeral bussiness

[28/10 1:17 pm] Knows Given Family: He is still alive he works for mai matapure at her panel beating company

[28/10 8:26 pm] Sisi Vee: Maswera sei.Are you able to contact them too briefing them and link us?

[28/10 8:28 pm] Sisi Vee: Are they on whatsapp ndawana address pana Primrose kuChiredzi.I talked to byo police they are being blocked by chief inspector masimba but are willing to go and arrest

[28/10 8:28 pm] Knows Given Family: I didnt want like to remind them because they tried to get over Given ‘s issue

[28/10 8:29 pm] Knows Given Family: She is a prominent business woman who doesn’t believe in app

[28/10 8:29 pm] Sisi Vee: They can’t get over pasina justice

[28/10 8:30 pm] Sisi Vee: Ko asi vari kutofunga kuita mari instead of seeking justice for mwana?

[28/10 8:30 pm] Knows Given Family: Yaaa vanoda zvichibva from other angle sisi

[28/10 8:31 pm] Sisi Vee: Really ? I was thinking with friend you could just say I have seen the story etc.

[28/10 8:32 pm] Knows Given Family: Mmmm as for that i dont know bt chandinoziva vanhu vakatenderedzwa navanhu from police ichinzi yasunga kubva kumusikana wekutynwald. Pastor atori mujeri izvezvi ainzi ari linked to Given’s death

[28/10 8:33 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok .I hear you.They need support to continue fighting for justice.

[28/10 8:34 pm] Knows Given Family: Kune atori mujeri nenyaya ya Given izvezvi mari dzakarohwa kubva kuma informers.

[28/10 8:36 pm] Knows Given Family: Sisi given paakabiwa ku showground  that day ndakatomuonawo i was in zim ndatoendawo kunotora mukadzi wangu kuti auye kuno ne vana even when they made a police report and the reward ndaivepo

[28/10 8:36 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok .Thank you so much for the information.

[28/10 8:36 pm] Sisi Vee: Will get police to contact them too.

[28/10 8:39 pm] Knows Given Family: Zvikadero zvingabatsire bt zvandoda kukuudzai hakuna D N A test yakaitwa pana given sezvataurwa pa story iyo bhutsu dza Given ndodzakaonekwa pachigomba chaive ne mabhonzo ne hat yaaive akapfeka

[28/10 8:41 pm] Sisi Vee: Really? I read the other day kuti DNA yakaitwa kuSouth Africa but results were delaying maybe dzaingova nyaya

[28/10 8:42 pm] Knows Given Family: Inyaya idzo sister because police wanted to close the case

[28/10 8:43 pm] Knows Given Family: Vangani vamakanzwa vakaitwa D.N.A test muzim ikaitwa

[28/10 8:44 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok ehe.zvakaoma

[30/10 7:22 pm] Knows Given Family: Hie sis vee

[30/10 7:23 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello muri sei wangu

[30/10 7:23 pm] Knows Given Family: Tomorrow ndichange ndavane number ya mai matapure

[30/10 7:24 pm] Knows Given Family: Bt in the meanwhile ndingawanewo number yemusikana wekuchiredzi here

[30/10 7:25 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok iii mungabatsira.i really want justice to prevail for Givens because Primrose uyu knows zvavakaita ??


As the pursue for Given’s justice continues ,we are at Southerton police station now .Remember we were given 2 weeks to wait for police progress as I shared earlier on two weeks ago


[23/11 1:19 pm] Cover D1 Police: Good news, will also be at Chikurubi later in the day, remember today is the 23rd

[23/11 9:52 pm] Cover D1 Police: Can’t sleep getting calls from southerton police station saying vakuda kundionesa chiedza panyaya yaGiven, don’t know why they now investigating me instead.

[23/11 9:53 pm] Cover D1 Police: Have been summoned to CID southerton 11am, I don’t like the tone of the guys when they calling me

[23/11 9:54 pm] Cover D1 Police: Can you hook me up with that soldier aiita ma audios I think we can make a great team together

[23/11 11:26 pm] Sisi Vee: Hey hanzvadzi.I dont think they are investigating you as such but maybe they want to give you more details or so. As for tone i think kutoshaya professionalism typical .

Mopiwa phone number dzavo and names .

The gent wemaaudio let me check on him

[23/11 11:33 pm] Sisi Vee: Hanzvadzi gent wemaaudio.i have briefed him so you can also check naye but haagari muHarare

[24/11 9:50 am] Sisi Vee: Morning hanzvadzi kuri sei.have given him your number.

[24/11 10:06 am] Cover D1 Police: Yah preparing to go ,will be there in two hours time.

[24/11 1:49 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello hanzvadzi .zvafamba sei kuSoutherton police?

[24/11 1:53 pm] Cover D1 Police: Varikuda kunditora statement patsva hanzi beef we get on the ground, I asked to return tomorrow

[24/11 1:53 pm] Cover D1 Police: Ndavaudza kuti I need to consolidate my facts before giving a written statement

[24/11 1:54 pm] Sisi Vee: Are they like going to reinvestigate Given’s story?

[24/11 1:54 pm] Cover D1 Police: Yes

[24/11 1:54 pm] Cover D1 Police: Like investigating the way it was handled nePolice first

[24/11 1:55 pm] Sisi Vee: Perfect so well done my brother .Thank you so much ????

[24/11 1:55 pm] Cover D1 Police: Hanzi ndiwe baba vemwana wacho here?

[24/11 1:56 pm] Sisi Vee: …and ? Did you get the names of those going to  investigate and numbers?

[24/11 1:57 pm] Cover D1 Police: Masunga Detective

[24/11 1:58 pm] Cover D1 Police: 04-660333 landline

[24/11 1:58 pm] Cover D1 Police: Will get mobile tomorrow

[24/11 1:58 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok Perfect thank you so much .. and what did they say about you not being the father?

[24/11 1:59 pm] Sisi Vee: Yes mobile will be perfect then I can get in touch with him too and give more details

[24/11 1:59 pm] Cover D1 Police: I told them that I am part of a Global Virtual Human Rights Watch Community

[24/11 1:59 pm] Sisi Vee: Exactly you know it all.

[24/11 2:01 pm] Cover D1 Police: But we needed the support of the parents anyway there is nothing we can do.

[24/11 2:02 pm] Sisi Vee: Yes we really do as we discussed way back but it seems they are now interested in making money .


Meanwhile sisi Vee had discussions with Primrose’s father , a war vet and ex army officer Livison Chiseva.Also spoke to Primrose’s very close friend Natasha Zengeni and Primrose’s  sister who is apparently a musvorologist Leona Chiseva .Still to speak to Primrose’s other very close friends Fadzai Mutsetse and Snowy.

More to follow