Rudo Muponda who at times also uses the name Chipo Masawu for whatever reasonĀ is said to be sending married men her musvos.

“She says she is a nurse but some say she is a whore some say she is a security guard and some say she doesnt work.” Said a source

Not sure if she blocked musvozimbabwe as her facebook account seems to have disappeared after her musvo saw the light of day a few days ago.

A source had this to say,

[17/11 2:31 pm] Rudo Story: My friends tried to find her on fb after the news link was shared in all groups but she has since went underground and all her acc deactivated except instagram. There is an update though. Her real name is Chipo Masawu and hanzi Rudo Muponda ndere kubar nekuclub.

[17/11 2:36 pm] Rudo Story: And it looks like she did this before in Toronto before she moved to Edmonton. My cousin was just telling me yesterday. That’s the reason y she moved from there coz every Zimbabwean lady there was afraid she was gonna take their husbands.

The musvorologist boasts of being a brand ambassador for MC Bonde a radio and TV host in the entertainment business.








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