As moral decadence takes toil in Zimbabwe ,it seems no social group is going to be left unscathed.From those who claim to be holy to the prostitutes in the streets it is now all about exposing their private parts to the public.

A Zimbabwean who knows Lisa’s family had a conversation with Sisi Vee.

[20/10 1:52 pm] Sisi Vee: [20/10 1:29 pm] Gr6  Source: Sisi Vee I know that girl Lisa’s father

[20/10 1:30 pm] Gr6 : Inga zvakaoma

[20/10 1:32 pm] Sisi Vee: Really? So they exist

[20/10 1:32 pm] Gr6 : Yes they do.She is 22 years old

[20/10 1:32 pm] Gr6 : U mean the people?

[20/10 1:33 pm] Sisi Vee: The lisa and family. Thank you .

[20/10 1:33 pm] Gr6 : Yes they do.

[20/10 1:33 pm] Gr6 : The surname made me recall


In January 2013 Newsday published an  article about Lisa Machakwa, an upcoming gospel singer from Kadoma, who stole the limelight at a show in Sanyati that featured the country’s established musicians. According to the report she was 19 at that time and if the information that sisi Vee gathered is anything to go by , then this should be the same Lisa who is now  22 in 2016 as said by the source that talked to sis Vee.