[04/12 1:44 pm] C91 : Hi sisi Vee

[04/12 1:45 pm] C91 : I thought that video could remind everyone how the white man treated our uncles and aunties that worked for them

[04/12 1:46 pm] C91 : I hope you have a merry Christmas

[04/12 4:47 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello hanzvadzi muri sei .Thank you for sharing .This is actually better than what the zanupf thugs and police do. Revisit eg the Epworth video after the protests..just one on the many acts of worse behaviour .I bet you if these were zanupf thugs the dogs were going to devour his privates after which the thugs would have cut off his hands ,put him in a sack and throw him in a river like what they have done to so many Zimbabweans.They would have left him as supper for crocodiles and go on to burn his homestead and rape his sisters.

Zanupf thugs do and have done worse and more so black on black is more evil.They dont even pay you for what you have worked for.The white regime despite these racial happenings developed  nations and the economy eg Rhodesia was vibrant 1 to 1 with the British pound.Citizens had jobs too .There’s so much good to talk about in Rhodesia and so much bad to talk about in Zimbabwe. Some blacks still treat black workers really evil too up to this day .

[04/12 4:50 pm] Sisi Vee: I hope no one is thinking that Zanupf is better than this history which I’m sure is just acts of racism which we see in different versions around the world even up to today.

[04/12 4:51 pm] Sisi Vee:The video  actually reminds me of how zanupf thugs and Mugabe are more evil than whites. Do have a great xmas too hanzvadzi ?