The HIV positive habitual cheater who deserted her children for loose life is now said to be in a relationship with a zulu guy on , +27 74 423 9875 and +27 79 843 1209 , a zimbabwean guy on +27 76 243 1897,  and  apparently another zimbabwean who sisi Vee recently exposed for trolling women in musvo zimbabwe whatsapp group using +27 83 879 2234 .

The habitual cheating star Cynthia is seen in images with a red black eye and swollen upper lip after having been clobbered this morning by a name in sisi Vee’s possession.Cynthia is not new to Sisi Vee who has been writing the family’s stories since 2010 and helping Cynthia to understand her motherly responsibilities.

When the Zulu man was challenged by someone over his affair with Cynthia, the man said Cynthia told him that she is a divorcee.

” I hear you……. But you don’t suppose to call me….. As that lady she said was married but divorced….. But I dont have a problem….. Sorry if she lied…..Sisi Vee has since contacted the Zulu man and the Zimbabwean men “. Said the Zulu man.

The Zulu man has not yet responded to sisi Vee’s message even though he is seen online on whatsapp.

” Hello my brother how are you?My name is sisi Vee a Zimbabwean I write stories.I have been writing about Cynthia since 2010.Today I got some images of her swollen face.After investigating I gathered that you are one of the men involved with her yet she is married.Did she by any chance tell you that she is HIV positive too apart from cheating her husband with you?Your response will be greatly appreciated.”

Sisi Vee has challenged the troll again whose son’s mother is questionable ,over the relationship with Cynthia.

[14/01 3:16 pm] Sisi Vee: So vanga uchihura naCynthia too thinking you will get away with it

[14/01 3:30 pm] +27 83 879 2234 Women Troll: Maihura mese henyu naCynthia munozivana

To view Cynthia’s musvos please follow the link

Musvorologist Cynthia Tatenda Matingo spreading HIV knowingly abandons children