Sisi Vee has had a discussion with Joyce Bepete.The A UK nurse registered in  Britain , Joyce Bepete and her alleged boyfriend Billy Makuwe are in the thick of it after it emerged that the two allegedly conned Jessica , an elderley Zimbabwean woman in UK her cash in a sort of  pyramid scheme One Coin.More victims have since spoken out too.

One Coin has been featured by various media houses in UK as a scam , a pyramid money investing scheme whose directors have previously been involved in other scam operations.

Joyce is being accused of being a habitual conartist who even conned her best friend Memory £500.

“The two friends are currently not talking to each other because of the conning issue.” Said a source.

Billy and Joyce have denied conning anyone as Joyce demanded to also know the sources of the story.

It has also emerged that when Joyce went to Jessica’s house purporting to be there for a fruitful discussion ,that was not the case.She is accused of having gone there to threaten Jessica who refused to open the door for her.

Meanwhile another source said Joyce owes her £150 that she was supposed to pay back long ago but has not made efforts to pay back.Another close source said Joyce is the conning type.

Speaking to sisi Vee today Joyce  said ,

[26/02 3:50 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Hello Tete V

[26/02 4:32 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello auntie muri sei .Thank you for your call.Nayo Sunday.Did you see my message auntie.

[26/02 4:47 pm] Sisi Vee: I just contacted you to hear your side of the story.

I received the information I sent you on fb.Would you care clarifying for me sisi what is going on.

[26/02 4:49 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Anyway, the allegations you are making about me and Billy are false. Apparently the  lady who is behind this is O…..M……. No money is missing as alledged, she is in fact fighting to get the passwords for the accounts so she can steal from the old woman. No penny of Jessica is missing as alleged and we have shown all the accounts to the Police and our Lawyers who are now handling the matter on our behalf.

[26/02 4:51 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: May I please know why you published the story before you heard from all parties involved?

[26/02 4:53 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much sisi for your response.Greatly appreciated.Stories can be published at any appropriate time.However I dont publish stories. I just write.Will get them to update your response.

[26/02 4:53 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Can you do me a favour of deleting all the defamatory stuff you posted about us.

[26/02 4:54 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: We have also involved the Social services in this matter so Jessica can be protected.

[26/02 4:54 pm] Sisi Vee: It’s only defamatory if you are not guilty sisi .Let me send you some info

[26/02 4:55 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: But this has been read by thousands of people around the globe irregardless of the allegations being untrue

[26/02 4:56 pm] Sisi Vee: Let’s get to the bottom of it sisi.Do you know who wrote the info I just sent you

[26/02 4:56 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: That was written by O…….M , I know her hand writing, she once wrote in my notebook during a presentation.

[26/02 4:57 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: I am going to use that as evidence in a court of law.

[26/02 4:58 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok.Is it not true that £501 is remaining?

[26/02 4:58 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: That is not true either.

[26/02 4:59 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok .let me check something sisi

[26/02 5:00 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Who is behind all this?

[26/02 5:01 pm] Sisi Vee: You know better than me sisi.It’s your name in it .I just contacted you to clarify if it is true or not.

[26/02 5:03 pm] Sisi Vee: Below one of the women in the afternoon said ,

[26/02 12:33 pm] ……: Ofcourse he’s trying to scare you but it’s him scared. Thieves both of them. They have no shame to cheat an old lady.

[26/02 3:51 pm] …..: It’s been 9 months Vio it’s not nice at all


[26/02 5:03 pm] Sisi Vee: So it is now your word against hers.

[26/02 5:04 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: The reason we delayed giving her the passwords was that we were busy with work and wanted to submit the paperwork and ask her to change the passwords to her own. We also wanted to teach her how to log in and out of her accounts as she is not computer literate.

[26/02 5:04 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok I hear you sisi .So have you given her the log in details?

[26/02 5:08 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: We went to Brighton early November to give her the passwords, but she refused to let us in. She said she didn’t want them anymore. We kept them to date. Now that the matter is with the Police, Social Services and our Solicitor, they are going to resolve it on our behalf.

[26/02 5:10 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: We even offered to give her her money back, but she refused saying she wanted the passwords, but she refused to open the door for us. We have photographs of ourselves as proof that we went to her house.

[26/02 5:14 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Also the allegations that Billy has no visa and works for Birmingham city council are not true. That lady giving you this false information is trying her best to assassinate our characters for no apparent, but due to jealous. Her life is in shambles and want to drag our reputation into disrepute.

[26/02 5:18 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok.I hear you sisi.I greatly appreciate your responses.I will let her know what you have said and will let you know what she says.

Is it ok if you send me his visa just for me to double check so that I can also advise her that Billy has a visa.I will not show her the visa

[26/02 5:21 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Sorry Tete Vee, the main matter here is about Jessica. The visa issue has nothing to do with either you or her.

[26/02 5:22 pm] Sisi Vee: It’s alright I understand.So let me show her your responses.I will be back to you sisi.Thank you so much once again.

[26/02 5:23 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Tell her we shall meet in a court of law so she can substantiate her claims and allegations.

[26/02 5:25 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi.Do you have the police ref number by any chance and what is the criminal offence she committed according to the police.

[26/02 5:27 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Yes, we do have the police reference number, but am not giving you further details as yet. She shall be contacted at her address by the law enforcers.

[26/02 5:34 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok it’s alright sisi .I understand.Just some advice sisi..if people spread lies about you and you dont want the public to believe the lies if it matters times it helps to show evidence.The evidence can then be shared to dispute the accusations.

[26/02 5:38 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: After court, she shall come back to you with the truth and again, you shall post again to the sites you used stating that we were victims of unnecessary hate.

[26/02 5:39 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Thanks for your time VaTete.  Looking forward to seeing the fake story deleted from all sites you posted them and let us move on with our lives.

[26/02 5:41 pm] Sisi Vee: Yes.You are most welcome.Will just share your responses sisi and readers can determine which is which.

A story can only be fake if both of the parties involved agree there was no fraud.I will be back with her responses sisi

[26/02 5:47 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: THERE WAS NO FRAUD COMMITTED  TETE, EVERYTHING THAT TRANSPIRED WAS DONE IN JESSICA’S BEST INTEREST AND TO SAFEGUARD HER. THERE IS NOT EVEN A SINGLE ELEMENT OF TRUTH IN THE ALLEGATIONS.  She shall be asked by the law enforcers to clear our names on the same social media she used to level her false allegations.  Then her University will be made aware about her true personality.

[26/02 5:49 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much sisi.I will be back ??

[26/02 5:51 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: OK Tete. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

[26/02 6:00 pm] Sisi Vee: Sisi by the way do you have the photographs when you are at her house.They will be very helpful if you send me.

[26/02 6:00 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Yes we do, to be produced in court.

[26/02 6:00 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok no problem .will be back

[26/02 6:00 pm] Sisi Vee: Sisi by the way do you have the photographs when you are at her house.They will be very helpful if you send me

[26/02 6:00 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Yes we do, to be produced in court.

[26/02 6:00 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok no problem .will be back

[26/02 6:13 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: We have also responded appropriately to the Onecoin group following a posting by OM.

“Dear Group members. Below is a response by Joyce and Billy regarding allegations posted by OM.

We categorically deny these allegations which were posted by a hater. The individual in question was assisted to open one coin accounts which are available. She gave us permission to manage her accounts and we did so until she started to demand her money back. She was offered her money but refused and insisted that she wanted to stay in one coin. Due to influence from some people who wanted access into her account she then demanded her account details. We drove to her home in Brighton and offered to give her her details but again she refused. We have witnesses and evidence  to confirm the  visit.  All her accounts are intact and we have offered to give them back to her in a transparent manner. We are law abiding  One Coiners and please do not be concerned about these false allegations. The matter is now the police and our lawyers to deal with the  defamatory statements.”

[26/02 6:17 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: I feel kuti Tete makamhanya nenyaya before you heard from the parties involved. You incriminated innocent people after being pushed by a hater who lacks the intellect to realise that she is actually incriminating herself.

[26/02 6:24 pm] Sisi Vee: Dont push your views about the issue on me sisi.You are an interested party.Myself I am just a go between looking for a story to write .Thats why I contacted you to double check.

If you feel there was wrong doing you can take appropriate action sisi in the same way they are taking appropriate action.As it is all I am doing is sharing what both parties are saying.

[26/02 6:26 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: So why did you publish the story before getting full details. Now that I have responded, can you now do the honours of putting our side of the story and please mention the hater.

[26/02 6:27 pm] Sisi Vee: I think from the beginning sisi I said  will get your side added on story.

[26/02 6:28 pm] Sisi Vee: I will not mention the hater or the thief I will just share what those involved are saying.

[26/02 6:29 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: And shame her too for fuelling this untrue story. If you are neutral as claimed,  can you mention that the hater is fighting to take control of the accounts so she can take advantage of a vulnerable adult.

[26/02 6:30 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok.I will share sisi what you are saying without my voice .

[26/02 6:31 pm] Sisi Vee: The story is untrue to you sisi not to me .I dont know if it’s true or false.

[26/02 6:31 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Tete, it becomes unfair as you have named and shamed us without mentioning OM. You play your neutral game by exposing the hater too. Your roll is to give 2 sides of the story.

[26/02 6:33 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: If you’re not mentioning OM, then we’ll think you’re biased and protecting my Mainini who is driven by hate and jealous. This woman is my close relative and it’s a shame that she is so cruel.

[26/02 6:34 pm] Sisi Vee: You definitely right sisi.Who is OM?Is she the Jessica who you are said to have conned?

[26/02 6:35 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: You know better. Can you tell me who is behind all this? You published our names so you should name the perpetrator too

[26/02 6:37 pm] Sisi Vee: The story is between you and Jessica and not between you and our sources.I don’t reveal sources I just reveal the story.  Who refused to open the door for you sisi ?

[26/02 6:40 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Jessica

[26/02 6:41 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok .So thats where the story is ..between you and Jessica .

[26/02 6:45 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Why is it so problematic for you to mention her. She is part of the information you asked for and therefore should be implicated in the matter.

[26/02 6:47 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: It is within our right to tell you who is behind this. If you are not willing to do so, we are going to publish it on social media ourselves naming and shaming the perpetrator

[26/02 6:50 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: We hold a lot of evidence to substantiate our claim. If you don’t want to reveal now, the truth shall be revealed in court. She should hire a very competent lawyer like we did. Good luck with your endeavours Tete V.

[26/02 6:51 pm] Sisi Vee: You can go ahead and do that if you want to sisi and fight your own battle there..We dont implicate sources in people’s stories.That will be really stupid to do that sisi. I just contacted you about the story and yes you know Jessica you’ve been to her place too so our sources definitely  know something

I now have Jessica’s number.Will check with her to hear her side of the story too.

[26/02 6:51 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Yes, you got JESSICA’S number from O……..M.

[26/02 6:51 pm] Sisi Vee: I dont know who OM is sisi

[26/02 6:52 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Am ending this conversation as I have chores to do. See you in court Tete.

[26/02 6:54 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: I’ve used this earlier in the conversation and you didn’t ask who she was. How come you’ve changed now?

[26/02 6:55 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Please post this whole conversation we’ve had the same way you posted your brief chat with Billy last night.

[26/02 6:58 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Even though you have her number, she shall be interviewed by the Police, Social services and our Solicitor.

[26/02 7:18 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi.Thank you so much for your time and responses.You will see me in court for what ? Kekekekekekeke

[26/02 7:20 pm] Sisi Vee: I have received more information below sisi of other people complaining claiming you conned them too.


E.g [26/02 6:56 pm] …….: She also stole from her upline £500 he phoned me.

[26/02 6:56 pm] ……..: She stole from her best friend Memory they are not speaking at the moment.


[26/02 7:21 pm] Sisi Vee: Do you know a Memory as above by any chance sisi ☝

[26/02 7:23 pm] Sisi Vee: There is another one sisi on image  talking about £150

[26/02 7:48 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: You’ll hear it in court. Bye

[26/02 7:56 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you sisi .Bye

[26/02 9:30 pm] Sisi Vee:Sisi below is a message from Jessica


” muzukuru kuti ini ndaKaitasei ndinii ndega muno Mu mubrithoni cembere yasHamisa iko kusafunda kwanGu kwashamisa inga warungu waco wemuno war Idzi wemutaurowaco inga Wamewaco awagoni wani Kunyora mutauro wawo Saka. Inindashamisa ini and Ina kumbobvundza munhu Kuti mariyangu iripi ndakangOti zizvangu apana wandiri Kunetsa ini ndino kukumbira Kuti nerudo rwako waitayak Odai wasiyana nazvo Sekutaura kwake kuti awana Kufunda ngatore hake mari Yacho”.


[26/02 9:38 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Tete Violet, can you please delete everything you posted about me and Billy. You now know the allegations are false and that information shouldn’t have been published in the first place.

[26/02 9:40 pm] Sisi Vee: Sisi that’s Jessica’s message above in Shona I just sent you.She says you are not giving her her money.Will continue with story writing.

[26/02 9:41 pm] Joyce Bepete Con Story: Can we also have your postal address so our Lawyers can send you documents regarding resolving this issue.

[26/02 9:42 pm] Sisi Vee: They can email me you can give them my phone number too sisi.

[26/02 10:01 pm] Sisi Vee: Nothing will stop me sisi.  I am actually from the  NMC website .Didnt know you are a registered nurse too.

More to follow

Some of her relatives discussing in the screenshots