Thanking all those who contacted her for whatever reason.It’s really wrong conning fellow Zimbabweans.


[17/02 6:53 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Hi Vee. I really can’t believe u didnt find it necessary to remove at least some nbrs from my number to hide it? Do u know how many pipo have apped me about your article who really shudnt hve my nbr. I really think that was unfair. Everything else I am not bothered.

[17/02 6:56 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello sisi.I sincerely apologise.One of the woman who claims to have been conned by you is very depressed sisi .Muri kutochema henyu number vamwe vachichema kubirwa .

[17/02 6:57 pm] Sisi Vee: You need to be bothered by the conning sisi

[17/02 6:58 pm] Sisi Vee: You cant leave a trail of broken hearts moti you are not bothered

[17/02 6:59 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: And to think u decided to edit her piece which ofcourse you noticed was not accurate. Where is the part about going to school wth me coz I was gonna ask u to ask her to gve u school and college certificates and I gve u mine to prove that all that was mearnt to buy sympathy from pipo. Its not Tru. And 5 years ago who does all those things like borehole, renovations, painting etc wth 5600?  U shud have gone deeper and asked for proof yaakatumira Mari iyoyo handiti ane Wu. I told u hangu I ddnt want to go into this.

[17/02 6:59 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Handiti urikutoona kuti watove neside kare. Its OK Vee. My things were not even shipped by Sam.Limo if u could call him. Anyway. Thank you Vee.

[17/02 7:01 pm] Sisi Vee: I just shared what was said about you sisi.Do you know the woman amaigara pamba pake ari kuti makamubira?

[17/02 7:05 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Vee are we going to deal with this issue from back to front? I know her. I did not steal from her. There is more to this that u havent dug deep. But anyway, thank you Vee ndine zvatobudawo zvandibatsira so as they say there is always something good even in a bad situ. I thought its standard practice to protect my contact details chete. Otherwise no wahala.

[17/02 7:07 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Wakabva riini Kuzim Vee I wanna highligh something?

[17/02 7:08 pm] Sisi Vee: You are welcome sisi.I did it on purpose to expose your number because I received a lot of information yevanhu vari kumutsvaga vari kuti you conned them so I was helping them hangu kuti vamubate paphone.

As for the woman sisi I think you should contact her mutaurirane in peace zvekuswera muchinzi conartist izvi is not good .

[17/02 7:08 pm] Sisi Vee: I left 2001

[17/02 7:09 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: U received info from pipo looking for me varikuti I cooned them?

[17/02 7:10 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Its OK Vee. Thanks.

[17/02 7:12 pm] Sisi Vee: Yes sisi .Are you going to contact the woman sisi

[17/02 7:17 pm] Sisi Vee: Sisi strive to live a peaceful life and get in touch with the woman  and all the other people claiming to have been conned .Make peace navo sisi even if you dispute the allegations