A letter to the editor

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing this email to inform you about a girl I know to be spreading Hiv in the UK intentionally. Her name is Theresa Manyowa. She calls herself Teri-vee Man on her facebook page . My friend used to date this girl from 2008 when she was in Zimbabwe and they are both positive. My friend has been refraining from sexual activities since they were diagnosed. But this girl is going all round London, Leicester .Birmingham etc. everywhere where Zimbabwean congregate picking up different saying she wants to take as many man with her because she also got the sickness from someone who never bothered to tell that they were infected. We have confronted her but she is refusing to see reason. She is currently on antiviral program. She takes her medication from a hospital in Hatfield in London.

When contacted pertaining to the letter Theresa said , ” I’m doing great thank you”.