The singer’s wife Olinda Chapel Chideme was at it again today exposing the whatsapp chats between her husband and his girlfriend Deyonne Tafirenyika.

After finally getting back the cell phone which Olinda bought her husband who had given it to his girlfriend, more revelations came out.

The married singer did not even use a condom after which he impregnated the girlfriend.Desmond advised Deyonne to abort  and lie that she had a miscarriage .Olinda got to know about the chats which populated in the phone when she put a sim card in the phone.

Most likely it is Olinda’s money that was used by Desmond to fund the arbotion.

Crying live on facebook Olinda showed the messages after which British police appeared in her house.It is not clear who called the police and why.She is also heard speaking on the phone with the landlady whose house they are renting in Harare. Plans are Desmond leaves the house in the presence of Olinda’s relatives.Olinda lives in Britain and Desmond lives in Zimbabwe.

“Desmond will be in the UK for a show soon and most likely they will make up again as we await the next chapter of their dangerously troubled marriage.Both of them seem to be the know it all type who never reflect on the many good advices they are given by various people. Why they are not parting ways remains a mystery ” Said sisi Vee

Videos 1 ,2,3  Olinda Chapel Chideme

“Only a few days ago I wrote a long one about who this Desmond is …a really evil man.I thought Olinda would open her mind and leave the bastard.I asked for her number from Desmond and he refused to give me . A well wisher who saw my plea gave me the number and I immediately wrote her the message below.Up to now I have not yet received a response from her.If she got my message probably she ignored because of the cheating  story I wrote about her.However , I am a writer and helper too and cannot stop writing stories when the need arises.I help too when the need arises but if people decide to remain in their closets because they can’t separate ther writer from the helper all I will say is God I saw a soul in need and I opened my heart to help but the help was probably not welcome …otherwise I did the right thing.” Said sisi Vee.

” 12 February 2017 : A very good morning Olinda.I hope I find you better after yesterday.It’s sisi Vee .I was touched by your statements video and felt compelled to check on you .I would have been really pained as well if I were in your situation. I also had a chat with Desmond just to help out with better thinking and behaviour” .