Writing to sisi Vee the woman hated by many for exposing , naming and shaming evil doers and loved by many for bringing joy in their lives and the lives of those in need,  a source said,

“Sis Vee tibatsireiwo nenyaya iyi.Thank you got it from a nurse’s grp rekuZimbabwe”.

Good day all, the man parading as Joe M’ckarm of M’ckarm international office 201 Longcheng mall who is UK based is a fraudster and a conman.

I worked for him for a year and never received any salary. He promised to send me to German whereby he gave me forged and fraudulent bank statements, despite him begging me not to leave I had to quit.

He has been coning nurses loads of money through consultation fees lying to them that he would send them to UK.

1) Joe’s name is not Josephat Sibanda but he is Joe Makamu. He decided to change his surname and adopted his wife’s prior to his pending convictions. He is a fraudster.

He ran an aupair agency whereby he promised lots of boys and girls that he would send them to German and they all paid thousands for that, till today he has not send anyone( I can tag parents for testimonials).

Instead he failed to deliver and fulfil his promises same thing he did with nurses on the Malta recruitment. He knew Malta needed level five and Zimbabwean nurses diploma would be evaluated to a 4 but went ahead and made them pay consultation fees and other ridiculous sums.

Today he is lying about Lelts and his agency having a 100% pass rate. He has never sent any nurse to UK but instead he always lies to nurses or make them communicate with someone in UK to make them believe indeed he is sending people whereas he is not.

Please be warned!!! he can do nothing but deliver false promises, right now he is busy downloading Lelts information online and giving it to people whereas that information is already free. He can say bad or disrepute me but ask him to come back to Zimbabwe. The reason he can’t is he is wanted right now by cids for the fraudulent documents case.

I can put German students parents here or his former Malta clients whom he corned lots of money without delivering anything.

Do not fall for his prey. He has decided to bad mouth me to people because I decided to speak out to his potential victims but honestly I care less about that. If there is anyone who wants information pertaining this man I can send to your emails.

Ask him, why would he keep an employee  who stole for him for more than a year, isn’t that pathetic and ridiculous? Ask them of anyone who he has sent to UK? No one.

Meanwhile sisi Vee has written to Joe (pictured) whose whatsapp profile is about his belief in God but is being accused of coning.

“A very good afternoon to you is this Mr Joe Makamu by any chance? I am sisi Vee .”


Sisi Vee speaking to some of the Zimbabweans conned by UK based conman Joe Makamu  has gathered that ,

[19/02 3:26 pm] Joe employee: Hello there, your colleague recently contacted me asking information about Joe Makamu (Josephat Sibanda )

[19/02 3:30 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello hello thank you so much.I was sent a write up yes and asked to help

[19/02 3:30 pm] Sisi Vee: Did you work for him?

[19/02 3:31 pm] Joe employee: Yea I did, as of January 2016 and I quitted sometime in October 2016.

[19/02 3:32 pm] Joe employee: I’m the one who opened his Harare office, did all the setup etc

[19/02 3:32 pm] Sisi Vee: Really? Thank you so much for standing up.Do you have the emails as mentioned in the write up

[19/02 3:33 pm] Sisi Vee: …and also the address of the offices

[19/02 3:34 pm] Joe employee: What is the write up saying, we used to be located at 19 Phillips avenue Belgravia, then we failed to renew our lease or I can say we got chased due to outstanding rentals arrears which I believe haven’t been cleared up to day

[19/02 3:35 pm] Joe employee: I do have emails yes, every conversation I had with him I would sent it to my mailbox, I also have testimonials from clients and his other employees

[19/02 3:37 pm] Joe employee: Current office address is office 201, long Cheng mall. Belvedere Harare, I’m the one who made the setup at that same office again

[19/02 3:48 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok let me send you the write up.

[19/02 3:49 pm] Joe employee: Okay, let me send you a summation of what happened and the kind of a person he is.

[19/02 3:49 pm] Joe employee: I will give you contacts of former employees as well as clients too.

[19/02 3:51 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much .If you can also forward the emails that would be perfect  musvozimbabwe@gmail.com

[19/02 3:54 pm] Joe employee: Okay,

[19/02 4:04 pm] Joe employee:

Thanks for contacting me. Indeed Joe Mckarm used to be my employer. I worked for him since the word go, I am the one who built that company for him, brick upon brick, registering it etc. Joe is now using his wife’s  surname because of the scandals linked to his own name. Where do I start where Joe is concerned? He is heartless, thinks he is more intelligent than anyone else, is very power hungry, from accousting female employees ( whom i shall not name)to not even paying his employees.So , the company promised to send nurses to Malta, UK, but none have never gone there( testimonials of these failures at your request). He also made students learn German with the preparation of being sent to Germany as aupairs. Those people paid more than USD 1000 but none of them went to Germany. Then he scammed someone off money, that someone needed to buy a car with it. He has not been paying rent at the very offices in Belgravia(can pass you former landlady contacts or ask action properties they were our property managers). And if the company papers are to be looked at(I have them as we speak except for the tax clearance because he could evade taxes), he is not the one registered as an owner(there is wife, his 24 year old nephew and his colleague) . He almost ruined my life, promising me a job in France, I got arrested because he had provided fraudulent papers, embassy found out and notified authorities now he is wanted and he cannot come back , all this I can obtain for you as proof upon your request. He is now even sending messages on various platforms tarnishing my image just because I am suing him for the salary he never gave me,  and also because I am warning people not to go to M’ckarm international or get linked with him. He is evil, you know those people who give you a dollar and expect you to work like a slave? That’s him, long working hours, no salary. He has ripped off lots of people . No one must even try to work for him, or associate themselves with him, nothing good comes out of that association. He is a cancer that must be ripped off and burnt. He also has an appetite for young woman, he preys on those a few nurses can second me on that. He can promise you a job,want you to come to the UK and all that, but please warn others, run. For reference on all these accounts, I have whatsapp messages stored in a safe place, I have a hundred clients willing to put Joe down. I have law enforcement agencies who can testify to Joe being a scammer and under scrutiny

[19/02 4:22 pm] Sisi Vee: Perfect

[19/02 4:24 pm] Joe employee: this is from another one who was conned plus one on image [17:20, 2/19/2017] Shalom: I’m abt to find out what the rest of the remaining students wr told..  Hvin realized that I had been scammed..  I applied locally

[17:20, 2/19/2017] Shalom: But he is not getting away with this

[17:21, 2/19/2017] Shalom: All the students combined thats close to 20k

[17:21, 2/19/2017] Shalom: If not more.