Today’s update.

That Gillian Zvomuya Video : It’s her in video.The sister Jackie .Remember her other conversation ? Is now asking others who shared the video to remove it kekekekeke kuda kuhwandisa chihure chemumhuri and then lie to people about underlying issues etc.Well the truth now is whatever was happening the husband ended up killing his cheating wife.


Yesterday the below was published

Word is saying , “Husband said to have recorded the cheating in motel with a boyfriend .Kurumwa nechokuchera kana ariye.Cheating unouraya or unourayiwa .Kana zvanetsa buda .Angelic as said by UK media .Not all of us are fools. When did cheaters become angels .I hope haasi.Basa kuhura kudiaspora.  Kekekekekeke seka hako wasu”

@sisi Vee