Donations for whatever cause to +263 77 515 7470 which looks like his personal number anyway.

Fellow Zimbabweans you need to stop your unethical habits of conning fellow Zimbabweans etc through your dubious and uncalled for scams .Tsvagai mari zvakanaka fellow Zimbabweans.Only a few days ago Olinda was at it and now this.

First and foremost your  birthday Evan Mawarire is supposed to be a private matter between yourself and close ones and never used as a public stunt to garner money from the public for any cause.Really disgusting.

This Mugabe mentality of using birthdays to source donations is not only irresponsible but is also an evil way to officially pinch money from the public.

What has your birthday got to do with people ? I wonder. If you have a cause that needs donations it is possible to separate the cause from your birthday and keep your birthday in your house and leave babies out of it.

I still believe you used unsuspecting Zimbabweans to pursue your personal agendas .Now you are at it again with another idea whereby you are using your birthday to seek donations in the name of babies.

Shame I guess that’s why I always doubted his sincerity.It was all about fame , money and awards.No wonder nyika ichiramba iri sewage.Too many fakes ‘rising’ up to eke out a living using the anti- Mugabe mantra as a stepping stone to achieve their personal agendas.These are the kind of people who will use our monies to sponsor their birthdays if they happen to be presidents like what Mugabe is doing. Open your eyes fellow Zimbabweans. Whatever happened to that flag.

Sick and tired of conartists .

@sisi Vee.


Meanwhile some Zimbabweans who have spoken to sisi Vee have said


[05/03 5:55 pm] 255: Maiguru that Evan picture  it’s not true someone arikuda kushatisa zita rake

[05/03 6:00 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello bamunini is it not him in image?

[05/03 6:01 pm] Sisi Vee: I know hes turning 40

[05/03 6:02 pm] 255: Someone made up that poster

[05/03 6:03 pm] 255: It’s him on pic but someone aneruvengo or a zanu person did that

[05/03 6:04 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok .Did he say someone did that?

[05/03 6:04 pm] Sisi Vee: …or you are suspecting

[05/03 6:06 pm] 255: Maiguru  we all know the truth that haadaro

[05/03 6:08 pm] Sisi Vee: You need to stop blind following people like zanu supporters bamunini no wonder tisingabudiri.We all dont know haadaro .From the word go I suspected him.Find a post here on his wall.

[05/03 6:08 pm] Sisi Vee: What do you have to say now?

[05/03 6:09 pm] 255: Maiguru

[05/03 6:10 pm] 255: OK wifey u won

[05/03 6:11 pm] Sisi Vee: Let this be a learning lesson hubby that we need to be open minded in order to save our nation and never follow people blindly

[05/03 6:13 pm] 255: I didn’t know kuti it was on his page

[05/03 6:13 pm] Sisi Vee: Even though you were defending and saying it is hater because we tend to follow people blindly

[05/03 6:14 pm] Sisi Vee: If it was not on his page maitoti hater yet it’s true .

[05/03 6:15 pm] 255: Hahahaha hands up wifey lunch on tomorrow

[05/03 6:15 pm] 255: Me*


[05/03 5:21 pm] A: Hezvo nhai sisi!!! Evan mawarire! Saka anodi kushandisa Mari yake hanti ibirthday rake. Why should we send money? Haada!!! He should do something himself first maybe then and it’s a very unlikely maybe haha, vanhu vanofanirwa kuti nyara!

[05/03 5:24 pm] Sisi Vee: ?????? sisiiii ndichiri kuseka the zanupf Mugabe mentality …Im having the last laugh.Mweya wakaoma and I advised Zimbabweans kuti handisi kumuona mushe munhu uyu ndikatukwa kekekekeke

[05/03 5:27 pm] A: Hehehe! This creativity they have in taking Mari, zvikashanda Kune zvimwe munyika we would be a great country. Like that one you exposed hanzi bondera From one mbavha to another mxm pasta ehe pasta not pastor imbwa dzevanhu vese!! Maconmen!

[05/03 5:29 pm] Sisi Vee: Kekekekekekeke you should hear chikweeee chiri kuno kwaaaaaa 100% agree with you sisi.No wonder tisingabudiriri kungoronga kubira our own

[05/03 5:29 pm] A: Yohwe 30 dollars iyi per month

[05/03 5:30 pm] Sisi Vee: Imagine 30us a month for kunyeperwa

[05/03 5:30 pm] A: Sisi it was bad enough ndichifunga kuti it’s one off payment. Mwedzi wega wega ava magetsi here?

[05/03 5:31 pm] Sisi Vee: Imagine sisi and these are Zimbabweans who are struggling to find even us1.

[05/03 5:33 pm] Sisi Vee: No wonder tisingabudiriri sisi

Some donations could be going into his personal ecocash account . He has also opened a Go Fund Me page .Some Zimbabweans are worried about accountability and transparency