She has sent an invoice for US$6 360 and we agreed to appeal for US$7 000.00

-She has raised US$2500 as of now.

– I was sent her US$150 by a good samaritan in UK which I will Western union to her on Friday.

So the balance she needs is now US$4 350.

1. Ecocash : Esther Mhuri 077 392 4686


2. Steward Bank Gweru .Savings Account : 100 566 5767


Fellow Zimbabweans I have now talked to Esther Mhuri.I’m sure by now many of you have seen her video and have been moved by it too.Thank you so much for your donations to help our fellow sister. May you please

find above how to donate directly to her.

Below is my communication with her.


[08/03 7:00 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello auntie Esther It was great talking to you on the phone.Could feel it.Ndisisi Vee Violet Makunike .So I was sent your video ,image and write up.

Can you please send me an attachment eg clear image showing how much is needed for the procedure .

[08/03 7:03 pm] Sisi Vee: Invoice from eg doctor or medical facility auntie

[08/03 7:06 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: ok wil send soon,m on my way frm church 10mins will be home thank u so much

[08/03 7:09 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok no problem auntie.You are most welcome

[08/03 7:22 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok got it auntie .Is it us$6 360

[08/03 7:23 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Yes

[08/03 7:24 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok .Do you have any other source of income auntie?

[08/03 7:26 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: At the present moment things are tight for me,sold everything I have worked for,ndiri kungotambura zvangu ndakagara

[08/03 7:29 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok.Muri kugara naani auntie ? Can you please send me an ecocash account in your name and a bank account in your name .

[08/03 7:35 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Ndogara nevana vangu 4, namaid,my ecocash number is 0773924686 and my bank account number is Esther Mhuri steward bank,gweru branch,savings account  number 1005665767

[08/03 7:41 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok .Perfect .So am going to do an appeal .There are people who were asking today how to donate.I will ask them to deposit directly to your ecocash or bank account.

Will put it at US$7 000. I am kindly asking that you update me about the balance daily auntie so I update people.I am trusting in case we have reached 7000 you will let me know so that donations can stop then we can focus on your well being.

No matter how much we are going to raise auntie you have been very lucky to see people willing to help so we need to be very honest and transparent.

[08/03 7:42 pm] Sisi Vee: Can you also send me an image of yourself dressed so I can use it alongside the appeal.

[08/03 7:45 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: So far vanhu vabvisa  2 500$ muroora

[08/03 7:45 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Moda ndakavhara ronda

[08/03 7:45 pm] Sisi Vee: Ehe auntie

[08/03 7:46 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Horaiti muroora

[08/03 7:47 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok auntie thank you so much for being honest  .So will do appeal for US$4500  then plus US$2500 yoita 7000.

[08/03 7:48 pm] Sisi Vee: Below is an example of people willing to help

“Sisi Vee I hope you are well. The lady for chemo I could not watch the video I cringe to that and I can only imagine how much pain she should be in and I am not one to just sit here and feel sorry without extending a hand .Sometimes in life it’s about choosing to trim our lifestyles even for a day for helping a fellow human being.  Hapana anowana in excess but we should have a heart to squeeze in and help when real help is needed .  Please let me know when she sends the bills so I can tell you how much I can contribute . Thank you for the great work and for supporting such causes .Always count me in in such causes.

Makes me wonder those that donate to Zanu PF birthday bashes etc why can’t they do the same to buy pain relief for someone like this lady .Jesu ngavachidzoka zvavo”

[08/03 7:48 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Will kip updating you muroora abt the other funds coming so that musazonyanyawo kuomerwa

[08/03 7:56 pm] Sisi Vee: Am now waiting for other image.Does Steward bank give cash in US dollars?

[08/03 7:57 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Yes muroora kutaurirana inobuda

[08/03 8:00 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok

[08/03 8:00 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Thank u muroora

[08/03 8:02 pm] Sisi Vee: You are welcome auntie.Am writing appeal now

[08/03 8:02 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: OK muroora

[08/03 8:03 pm] Sisi Vee: Monditumira image kana yangoita auntie

[08/03 8:05 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Horaiti muroora ndosimuka manje manje ndizvitore pic

[08/03 8:06 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok auntie.

[08/03 8:31 pm] Sisi Vee: Good mazvita auntie.

[08/03 8:31 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Nyt muroora thank u

[08/03 8:36 pm] Sisi Vee: You are welcome .Pane ati anoda kupa £500 auntie but ndati vamboise us$100 kuti tisaite excess money yakanyanya because vakawanda are willing to donate so target yedu it’s us$7000 so ndavati vanozotutsira kana tatadza kusvika .So ndavati vaise direct to your ecocash or vanoisa mangu for that one person the us100 then will send you by western union.

Below is message yavo .Ndangoitira accountabilty auntie .The rest will deposit direct to you .

[08/03 8:37 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: OK muroora mwari vakuitirei Zvakanaka

[08/03 8:39 pm] Sisi Vee: Mazvita auntie .you too

Below is the message

“Aww that’s nice of you sisi Vee Please count me in on such causes . I am very much for helping people.

I have seen the bill above and am happy to pay £500 now towards it and another further £500 perhaps month end if it’s still required . I don’t know this lady but when hospitality and humanity calls I want to be there

Shall I send the money to your Econet number or whatever means just let me know”

[08/03 8:54 pm] Sisi Vee: Auntie I will do an intial US$150 through Western union to you on Friday

The messages below


[08/03 8:45 pm] By42 Good Samaritan : Ok Sisi Vee. I will send it to you and you can forward it . But please keep me updated ,it’s never a burden for me to help but I understand kuti sometimes it’s difficult to account for such amounts especially in Zimbabwe . Let me send the 150 now to your ecocash

[08/03 8:50 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you so much for understanding my concern so yes we can do in batches as she updates me .By Sunday we should be somewhere to see if there’s need to add more. Mandizorodza .Will certainly keep you posted.May God bless you .I dont have enough words to thank you .She said she is alright with it .I have sent her your message about the £500.So will now update her that I will do us150 for her on Friday from you .???

[08/03 9:05 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Thank you so much muroora may the dear lord bless you

[08/03 9:06 pm] Sisi Vee: You are most welcome auntie so will send iyi by Western union to you on Friday and you collect from Saturday  Nditumirei first name and last name yenyu as on ID

[08/03 9:07 pm] Sisi Vee: Am now doing public appeal to come direct to you through ecocash and bank

[08/03 9:08 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: Esther Mhuri,ID number 29-197584D66

[08/03 9:11 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok mazvita.Morara mushe.Am doing appeal now then remember to update me daily tione kuti taapapi.

[08/03 9:13 pm] +263 73 313 8434 Esther Mhuri app: OK maiguru

Meanwhile in case you missed auntie Esther’s appeal yesterday please find it below.

“Hello ladies.My name is Esther Mhuri,I live in Gweru.I’m a single mother of 4.I was diagnosed with right breast cancer and got operated on 11 April 2012.After the mastectomy,I faced a challenge of some axillary nodes and my doctor referred me to the radio oncologist.I was put on Chemotherapy sessions and could not complete them due to financial problems.I put my house up for sale but as I was waiting to find a buyer I developed lymphedema of the right upper limb due to defaulting chemotherapy.I started having liver problems and was referred to South Africa since the treatments were a bit cheaper.When I came back from SA my kids were not going to school because I couldn’t afford it.I was in rental debt.Food even became scarce in my household so I sold my car for my kids to go back to school.My health deteriorated so much that I couldn’t work for my Kids like I used to .I developed another Lump on my left breast and I was to go for an operation.The lump was sent to pathology and when the results came back ,zvakanzi i cancer and I was to go for another mastectomy.Ndakanzwa kuomerwa because I had nothing else to sell .Ndakatora hembe dzevana nedzangu ndichichinjisa nema potatoes kuti vawane chekudya.Ndakazvipira ndikaenda kwa The Late Ex Governer to seek assistance and he referred me to Mai Dube ve River Valley Properties.She empathized with me and offered to take my kids under her wing.She pays for my kids fees every term.She also organized medical aid for me and all my kids .At the present moment the medical aid cannot cater for the mastectomy because the waiting period for cancer patients is 18 months and I was supposed to have had the mastectomy in September last year.Zamu rangu rave kuwora,handirari nekurwadziwa.Ndasvika pa stage iyi nokuda kwekushaya mari yekunoitwa operation iyi.Kune avo vanokwanisa,ndinokumbirawo rubatsiro rwenyu ndinoitwawo mastectomy iyi nekukasika.To those who have even words of encouragement or might want to contact me,here are some numbers