A Zimbabwean woman Blessy Scholastic Madziva has contacted this publication saying she had a sexual affair with a married man Brighton Mawodza . Sisi Vee had a discussion with the accused womaniser Brighton Mawodza who had an affair with Blessy Scholastic Madziva after which their musvos reached us. In a discussion with sisi Vee, cheating husband Brighton Mawodza has accepted that he is the one who shot musvos of her then girlfriend Blessy Scholastic Madziva .Brighton also shot a video of the two doing musvo .Blessy agreed to it.However their affair was on and off at some point

Writing to sisi Vee ,Brighton explained himself before his said brother Jim took over the discussion at some point.However speaking to sisi Vee Blessy said ,

“on the last chat iya you had with him,theres no brother it was him speaking pretending  to be his brother in SA. i dont know if you noticed.brighton stays alone in Australia, he has no brother there.Trymore and Webster his brothers stay in South Africa”. Confirmed Blessy

Fellow Zimbabweans if anyone has your musvos please swallow your pride and get into talking terms to ensure your musvos are not sent to us.Bottom line is DO NOT allow anyone to shoot your musvos and do not send anyone your musvos.” Said sisi Vee.

Brighton Mawodza also admitted that Blessy was his girlfriend after which he said he is not the one in the images because he has a tattoo.

Meanwhile Brighton’s husband has written to this publication confirming that she was cheated by her husband.


19/5/17, 9:52:45 pm: ‎Messages you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption.

19/5/17, 9:52:51 pm: Brighton Mawodza: Hi

19/5/17, 9:53:32 pm: Brighton Mawodza:  This girl  Blessy has destroyed so many families.You are aiding in prostitutes like her in destroying people’s marriages. Is this the intention?

Regardless how does the body equate to be me? I have a tattoo from many years and this pic came from my separated wife which she created using photoshop (I think).

19/5/17, 10:17:02 pm: Brighton Mawodza: <‎image omitted>

19/5/17, 10:28:16 pm: Sisi Vee: Hello .Who am I speaking to?

19/5/17, 10:28:45 pm: Brighton Mawodza: His brother James

Have you really looked at the pics? That’s his tattoo I took a few minutes ago and your pics are not authenticated

19/5/17, 10:29:41 pm: SisiVee : May you please ask him to contact me if he has issues with the chat.Thank you

19/5/17, 10:29:59 pm: Brighton Mawodza: He is calling you and you ain’t picking up

19/5/17, 10:32:43 pm: Sisi Vee : I have no time for phone talk.I am not a customer service rep.May you please let him know that I do whatsapp chat only.

19/5/17, 10:33:59 pm: Brighton Mawodza: This gal has destroyed many people .: You have to research and understand this gold diggers from Zim. This girl has destroyed a marriage

And you guys aid in creating this issue and I feel it’s unfair

We are both overseas and can we surely be played by a gold digger.She has two Facebook accounts and see what’s written there by angry men.She’s a girl who has even accused her own dad of rape. Check the Herald archive from 10years ago

19/5/17, 10:36:35 pm: Sisi Vee: What I said is very clear”  May you please ask him to contact me if he has issues with the chat.Thank you”

19/5/17, 10:36:48 pm: Brighton Mawodza: It’s me Brighton

I am here with my family.

19/5/17, 10:37:14 pm: Sisi Vee: Ok Thank you hanzvadzi.How do you know her?

19/5/17, 10:37:42 pm: Brighton Mawodza: I met this girl on the net .On FB . She requested me and I gladly accepted. Since I don’t know her I was wondering who this girl is as I know the Madziva’s from home.I said hi to initiate the chat.We started talking.I asked if she was from my home and she said yes

On her FB account she has written Physiotherapist

19/5/17, 10:39:52 pm: Sisi Vee: Ok reading

19/5/17, 10:40:03 pm: Brighton Mawodza: I thought I can help my sis from home. I then said send your docs.She told me she didn’t have them as she had left them in SA at the embassy for processing.She said she was going to Ukraine.She told me she grauduated from Bindura with a Physio degree. Ok

Check her FB account please

19/5/17, 10:42:08 pm: Sisi Vee: I checked yesterday or so

19/5/17, 10:42:30 pm: Brighton Mawodza: This was in August and I thought she was genuine. I was coming home for a few lectures in SA before holidaying home in Zim.I met her in SA at the airport with her sister and a friend

19/5/17, 10:43:29 pm: Sisi Vee : Ok

19/5/17, 10:44:30 pm: Brighton Mawodza: We went to my place and I was to drop bags off but she refused and we went to visit someone near Pretoria.We got home late and it’s when I felt she wanted something. It’s happened from there.Inini I was going thru nyaya yangu nemuveti wangu.

19/5/17, 10:45:28 pm: Sisi Vee: Ok

19/5/17, 10:45:41 pm: Brighton Mawodza: Ndaitobuda mumba after 15 years. I was honest enough to open to her and it’s when she got too clingy.I spent a night with her and then next day I felt terrible. I told her to leave and she rightly agreed to go to her sister.After that she called with so Albu reasons

Her sister was bad. Her sister wanted her to sleep with her husband so that she can have children for them. I was upset and confronted the sister who has since divorced from her hubby and living in CT.The talk of Ukraine died and when I asked for doc it was story after story.She didn’t have any docs

I paid her to go back to Zim. I followed after a week and she was living with her tete. She then claimed she can’t go home cause her father has been told of her adventures with me in SA by her other boyfriend in U.K. called Hilary.

19/5/17, 10:51:13 pm: Sisi Vee: Ok

19/5/17, 10:51:31 pm: Brighton Mawodza: She stayed at her tete to the lint they too were very uncomfortable with her.When me and tete confronted her she then threaten to kill herself. I rarely visited her in Chitungwiza when I was in Zim and gave every reason in the book to avoid her.She then called me whilst she in the city and said she had news for me. I reluctantly went to meet her.She then claimed that she cannot go back to tete and that I should look for a property for her to live in. She knew I had some houses around. I told her I can’t but she refuted and in the end I booked her at Jameson Hotel. I left her there and only the next day to hear she was at a hospital. The reason she might have been pregnant. Tests were done and weren’t conclusive

She went for the idea she was pregnant for what she was feeling

She got discharged when I was in Masvingo

19/5/17, 10:56:57 pm: Sis Vee: Ok thank you so much

1. So did you shoot her musvos and the musvo video?

2. If you did , did you drug her as she is claiming

19/5/17, 10:58:26 pm: Brighton Mawodza: When she got discharged her Tete told I wasn’t not the first she played. She forced for test and she wasn’t pregas. I was so hurt and left her

Again she wanted to kill herself.

19/5/17, 10:59:42 pm: Brighton Mawodza: Yes I did and have high quality ones and vids.Drug her????? Kkkkkk. Seriously how???Gono: She picked me from the airport.She came with me to my hotel with her sister and a friend. I took them back and she refused to stay with her sister but chose to come back

I was supposed to go to the Boole Cafe with my brother and classmates

19/5/17, 11:01:51 pm: Sisi Vee: Kekekekeke was wondering too about the drugging..Thank you so much for being honest pertaining to the musvos.Whenever you feel like may you please send the videos .

19/5/17, 11:01:56 pm: Brighton Mawodza: I left her in me 2 self contained bedroom apartment and only to come back to see her sleeping on my bed naked.

19/5/17, 11:02:10 pm: Sisi Vee: Ok

19/5/17, 11:02:46 pm: Brighton Mawodza: I can give you numbers of her friends and family members so you hear the truth. I was on seperation from from wife and she blew all the work my family had done to rebuild my marriage. I was married to my wife for 15 years. Ever marriage has issues and she came and destroyed it .Can you trust a person who claims she was raped by her uncle??

19/5/17, 11:05:35 pm: Sisi Vee: Thank you so much hanzvadzi.We are just interested in your musvos and not your misunderstandings.May you please send the musvo videos if need be.

19/5/17, 11:05:57 pm: Brighton Mawodza: The story is she first claimed rape against her own father who had married and other wife. She hated her and him for that. She wanted to fix her dad and claimed she was raped by him. Test were done on her and docs discovered she still had her virginity and no samples of her dad sperm in her. Only then he was acquitted. He would be in jail right now.

19/5/17, 11:07:01 pm: Sisi Vee: The issue is about you and her hanzvadzi and not about her dad and her.

19/5/17, 11:07:26 pm: Sisi Vee: Why?

19/5/17, 11:07:35 pm: Brighton Mawodza: So can you remove my pics Because…1. It’s NOT me . 2. She is a gold digger

19/5/17, 11:08:15 pm: Sisi Vee: Which one is not you? May you please send

19/5/17, 11:08:45 pm: Brighton Mawodza: My head face is me and the body with penis isn’t me. It’s my wife who body shopped that to hurt me. She was talking to my wife

19/5/17, 11:09:25 pm: Sisi Vee: Ok.May you please send me your wife’s number so I clarify with her

19/5/17, 11:09:40 pm: Brighton Mawodza : Lol seriously

19/5/17, 11:09:45 pm: Brighton Mawodza: My white wife

19/5/17, 11:09:55 pm: Sisi Vee: Yes

19/5/17, 11:10:07 pm: Brighton Mawodza: And she will say I body shopped after what she heard from this bitch face.

19/5/17, 11:10:24 pm: Sisi Vee: I have to clarify with her

19/5/17, 11:10:31 pm: Brighton Mawodza

: She won’t answer you as she will not talk to any African woman anyone

19/5/17, 11:10:53 pm: Sisi Vee: If she ignores it’s up to her

19/5/17, 11:10:56 pm: Brighton Mawodza: They are all prostitutes according to her

19/5/17, 11:11:08 pm: Sisi Vee: If she ignores it’s up to her

19/5/17, 11:11:11 pm: Brighton Mawodza: So are you going to remove or not?

19/5/17, 11:11:29 pm: Sisi Vee: What I said is very clear

19/5/17, 11:11:40 pm: Brighton Mawodza: Yes and what is that?

19/5/17, 11:12:10 pm: Brighton Mawodza: You are not removing it?

19/5/17, 11:12:16 pm: Brighton Mawodza: Is that right?

19/5/17, 11:12:19 pm: Sisi Vee: What I said is very clear

19/5/17, 11:12:39 pm: Sisi Vee: I have no time for silly arguments

19/5/17, 11:12:58 pm: Brighton Mawodza: You asked what happened and i took time to tell you. Now you are saying you have time for silly arguments? Meaning? All I wanted was for you to remove the pic of me and keep the naked pics

19/5/17, 11:13:41 pm: Sisi Vee: So ? and I asked for your white wife’s number

19/5/17, 11:13:50 pm: Brighton Mawodza: My face and my name isn’t correct

19/5/17, 11:14:46 pm: Sisi Vee: If it’s not correct then dont worry about it

19/5/17, 11:15:48 pm: Brighton Mawodza: +614…………

19/5/17, 11:16:42 pm: Brighton Mawodza: How can I not worry if you place my name there. How is that fair?

19/5/17, 11:17:05 pm: Sis Vee: Thank you for the number.

19/5/17, 11:17:22 pm: Brighton Mawodza: Why can’t you place things you authenticate instead of things people photoshop?

How is that good for your credibility? Seriously?? So anyone can photoshop and come to you guys and you create a good story of it. Is that being African sister? It’s all good. Itayi henyu. You are in the U.K.  and am in Australia. Can’t we find common ground from the diaspora?

19/5/17, 11:19:38 pm: Sisi Vee: Will be right back hanzvadzi .I have no time for arguments hanzvadzi .Did  you ask if her musvos were authenticated?I write stories hanzvadzi

19/5/17, 11:20:09 pm: Brighton Mawodza : I took them ini with a body and face together

19/5/17, 11:20:19 pm: Brighton Mawodza: <‎image omitted>

19/5/17, 11:20:54 pm: Brighton Mawodza: No authentication needed here

19/5/17, 11:21:07 pm: Brighton Mawodza : <‎image omitted>

19/5/17, 11:21:21 pm: Sisi Vee: She could have also said face is her but musvo not her

19/5/17, 11:21:26 pm: Brighton Mawodza: Where is my head? And where is my tattoo?So you see these two pics the same?

19/5/17, 11:23:16 pm: Brighton Mawodza: <‎image omitted>

19/5/17, 11:23:40 pm: Brighton Mawodza: If that’s the case and if it makes you popular it’s all good sister. I thought I am making my case but you seem to only want pics and no need of names and bodies don’t match.It’s all good. I was to send vids but I shall look elsewhere to stop this lady from destroying more families.This is about stopping her from destroying families and not her.I gave an ultimatum to stop communicating wrong info to my wife but she refused

19/5/17, 11:26:00 pm: Sisi Vee: Ok .let me see what can be done.

19/5/17, 11:26:04 pm: Brighton Mawodza: Now you know. I thought I was honest .At least for a start remove them

Remove my name for my face isn’t there.And then if you find me guilt then go ahead. Kushinga to post a naked pic with no head and a face of a guy then say this him isn’t good journalism or whatever you call it sister. Am sorry but I am being honest here

If I was your brother whose marriage has been destroyed you would be doing this but going after these gold diggers!! Help me stop them.Please!!!

19/5/17, 11:32:25 pm: Brighton Mawodza: I am going to pick my son from work now. Chat after but please remove pics at least until you have verified information. PLEASE!

20/5/17, 2:06:32 am: Brighton Mawodza: This is my justification of my actions. I was married to my wife for 15 years but was destroyed by this gold digger. Seriously I met her on FB and she clearly knew I was married yet she claims I lied to her? Doesn’t make sense!! Even though who in her CLEAR mind who a girlfriend would talk a wife of someone yet you knew he was married? Please be fair and stop this rot. It’s not about popularity but and you guys seeing facts and publishing what is genuine and true. It’s about stopping gold diggers and marriage destroyers like her. She has two FB accounts. All of them taken by exes? HOW? You are dealing with a psycho and then destroy a good guy in the process.

20/5/17, 6:40:28 am: Brighton Mawodza : Does that mean you will remove my pic?

20/5/17, 6:41:20 am: Sisi Vee: Thank you so much.Greatly appreciated.

20/5/17, 6:41:46 am: Sisi Vee: Yes.Which one do you want to be removed

20/5/17, 6:42:11 am: Brighton Mawodza: My name Brighton Mawodza

20/5/17, 6:42:20 am: Brighton Mawodza: My face

20/5/17, 6:42:42 am: Brighton Mawodza: And the whole edited pics. I am the victim Vee here. Not the other way round. Please understand that

20/5/17, 6:43:48 am: Sisi Vee: If it is in groups remember they have already gone in people’s phones .

20/5/17, 6:44:17 am: Brighton Mawodza : Doesn’t matter but delete all now

20/5/17, 6:44:24 am: Brighton Mawodza : Will send a vid

20/5/17, 6:44:37 am: Brighton Mawodza: Can you add me in the group please?

20/5/17, 6:46:20 am: Sisi Vee: Ok.Members are not allowed to post in grps.Does your face show in the video

20/5/17, 6:47:37 am: Brighton Mawodza: Yes.It does show prominently

20/5/17, 6:48:00 am: Sisis Vee : Ok

20/5/17, 6:51:32 am: Brighton Mawodza: 2017-05-20-PHOTO-00000216.jpg <‎attached>

20/5/17, 6:51:55 am: Brighton Mawodza: 2017-05-20-PHOTO-00000217.jpg <‎attached>

20/5/17, 6:52:34 am: Brighton Mawodza: That’s parts from one of the vids

20/5/17, 6:52:47 am: Sisi Vee: May you please send the videos hanzvadzi kekekekekeke

[19/05 11:23 pm] Brighton Mawodza: Please remove my pics

[20/05 8:37 am] Brighton Mawodza: Kkkkkkk

[20/05 8:37 am] Brighton Mawodza: Do you want me to give you a list of her friends?

[20/05 8:37 am] Brighton Mawodza: Please follow her website

[20/05 8:37 am] Brighton Mawodza: Sorry her FB

[20/05 8:37 am] Brighton Mawodza: She has two

[20/05 8:38 am] Brighton Mawodza: The Tete she is talking about is my aunt who has been against this anyway

[20/05 8:38 am] Brighton Mawodza: She is a psychopath

[20/05 8:39 am] Brighton Mawodza: Follow this other website

[20/05 8:40 am] Brighton Mawodza: This guy has control over her other Facebook

[20/05 8:40 am] Brighton Mawodza: It’s under Blessy B Kugara Madziva

[20/05 8:41 am] Brighton Mawodza: I have taken control of her FB account Blessy Madziva after I found her cheating with 3 guys

[20/05 8:42 am] Brighton Mawodza: Hilary Kupa (UK)

Gift William (SA)

Another guy in SA

[20/05 8:42 am] Sisi Vee: Really?

[20/05 8:42 am] Brighton Mawodza: If you like to form a group with that tete and her sister go ahead and we all talk and show evidence

[20/05 8:42 am] Brighton Mawodza: She is a marriage wrecker

[20/05 8:43 am] Brighton Mawodza: Ask her why she claimed to be a Physiotherapist?

[20/05 8:44 am] Brighton Mawodza: Why did she lie to her dad that she got a place to go to Ukraine?

[20/05 8:44 am] Brighton Mawodza: Can she show evidence of that nature?

[20/05 8:44 am] Brighton Mawodza: She only has less than 3 o’levels

[20/05 8:44 am] Sisi Vee: You slept with her hanzvadzi and you were paying for hotels

[20/05 8:45 am] Sisi Vee: So everything else you are saying about her I dont think matters

[20/05 8:46 am] Brighton Mawodza: I have slept with her once in SA for one night and I paid for the bills of course.

[20/05 8:46 am] Brighton Mawodza: I never refused that

[20/05 8:47 am] Sisi Vee: So you were in it.I dont think she forced you to open your zip.You were actually taking advantage of a 21 year old and you are 44

[20/05 8:47 am] Sisi Vee: You preyed on a desperate and vulnerable young woman

[20/05 8:48 am] Brighton Mawodza: What???

[20/05 8:48 am] Brighton Mawodza: Are you serious??

[20/05 8:49 am] Brighton Mawodza: Who was desperate

[20/05 8:49 am] Sisi Vee: Yes Stop preying on young vulnerable and desperate women.She was into all this for Im sure and you took advantage

[20/05 8:49 am] Brighton Mawodza: I think you need to check on her other guys before you make that conclusion

[20/05 8:49 am] Brighton Mawodza: She was to be married to a police officer named Tendai

[20/05 8:50 am] Brighton Mawodza: She left him after she found a guy going to the UK

[20/05 8:50 am] Sisi Vee: You went on to shoot a musvo video and take nudes of this young woman

[20/05 8:50 am] Brighton Mawodza: She got pregnant and removed the pregas

[20/05 8:50 am] Sisi Vee: I dont need to talk to any if her other guys.The issue is between you and her.

[20/05 8:51 am] Brighton Mawodza: Yes and anyone in love can do that

[20/05 8:52 am] Sisi Vee: You need to go back to her and talk things over in an appropriate and stop fighting vulnerable young women.How would you feel if she was your daughter.Not anyone in love shoots musvos

[20/05 8:52 am] Sisi Vee: You are 44 and she is 21.You need to stop preying on young women.

[20/05 8:53 am] Sisi Vee: …and take advantage of their immaturity

[20/05 8:54 am] Brighton Mawodza: I think you need to tell her not to prey on older men who she thinks have money

[20/05 8:54 am] Brighton Mawodza: You are only looking at it from her perspective which as a woman I get

[20/05 8:54 am] Brighton Mawodza: You fail to understand that she took advantage of me and cornered me once she was with me in SA

[20/05 8:55 am] Brighton Mawodza: She was no young girl

[20/05 8:55 am] Brighton Mawodza: She over once married and had a child

[20/05 8:55 am] Brighton Mawodza: She was over 18

[20/05 8:55 am] Brighton Mawodza: She was no a virgin

[20/05 8:55 am] Sisi Vee: Yes I told her too.but you are the more mature one who should have told her that too instead of takibh advantage of her .Now you are behaving as if you are a saint yet you are to blame too.

[20/05 8:55 am] Brighton Mawodza: So please I am not as bad as you think

[20/05 8:56 am] Brighton Mawodza: If I am to email all all our chats before I met her and when I left Zim then it gives you an idea

[20/05 8:56 am] Brighton Mawodza: This a person who lied that she was pregas when I found out that she has destroyed many families

[20/05 8:56 am] Sisi Vee: You are bad you dont take advantage of a woman age of a child

[20/05 8:57 am] Brighton Mawodza: I left her after noticing that but she then became clingy

[20/05 8:57 am] Sisi Vee: You destroyed your marriage too by cheating

[20/05 8:58 am] Brighton Mawodza: I don’t believe I am to blame here. Why is it that when a gold digger like her has lost the battle she has to become the victim.

[20/05 8:58 am] Brighton Mawodza: My marriage was already on the rocks way before her

[20/05 8:58 am] Brighton Mawodza: I was merely looking for peace when I saw her

[20/05 8:58 am] Sisi Vee: Real men dont fight 21 year olds

[20/05 8:58 am] Brighton Mawodza: She knew that and took advantage of a man who was going through a tough time

[20/05 8:59 am] Brighton Mawodza: If 21 year olds get involved in divorce process of a standing marriage then I will fight

[20/05 8:59 am] Sisi Vee: You were using her as your comforter

[20/05 8:59 am] Brighton Mawodza: If this we you you would have behaved the same way

[20/05 8:59 am] Brighton Mawodza: She present e herself as the comforter

[20/05 9:00 am] Brighton Mawodza: She approached me and not the other way round

[20/05 9:00 am] Sisi Vee: Then you are an idiot murume mukuru kufighter 21 year old over nyaya dzebeche nemboro

[20/05 9:00 am] Brighton Mawodza: She lied about so many things at the start that she wanted marriage etc

[20/05 9:00 am] Brighton Mawodza: Not too sure how to respond to that

[20/05 9:01 am] Brighton Mawodza: This girl has been warned to stay out my married

[20/05 9:01 am] Brighton Mawodza: Mariage

[20/05 9:01 am] Sisi Vee: At 44 you dont go out with 21 year olds

[20/05 9:01 am] Brighton Mawodza: She chose to tell lies to my wife

[20/05 9:01 am] Brighton Mawodza: How is that fair

[20/05 9:01 am] Brighton Mawodza: If she had decided to cut communication with my wife this would have ended well

[20/05 9:02 am] Sisi Vee: What matter is the affair between yourself and her.Never raise your head high thinking  you are innocent in all this.You are the bigger fool

[20/05 9:03 am] Brighton Mawodza: Let me honest with you?

I have told her to stay out of my marriage for this had nothing to do with her. My family were handling well until she came to spoil it. This war isn’t about me but my family and other families against her.

[20/05 9:03 am] Brighton Mawodza: I never said I was innocent

[20/05 9:03 am] Brighton Mawodza: I know I was guilt of falling for her

[20/05 9:03 am] Brighton Mawodza: It was the biggest mistake of all

[20/05 9:04 am] Brighton Mawodza: She trapped me into it

[20/05 9:04 am] Sisi Vee: So if you agree you are not innocent thats it ..lets stop here

[20/05 9:04 am] Brighton Mawodza: I vulnerably complied

[20/05 9:04 am] Sisi Vee: Both of you are going viral

[20/05 9:04 am] Brighton Mawodza: I never said I am all right

[20/05 9:05 am] Brighton Mawodza: All I am saying she must have not interefered with my marriage CHETE!!

[20/05 9:05 am] Brighton Mawodza: If you see it differently then its ok

[20/05 9:05 am] Sisi Vee: Thank you .Both of you are wrong .You allowed her to interfere with your marriage

[20/05 9:05 am] Brighton Mawodza: So this is your solution to this???

[20/05 9:05 am] Brighton Mawodza: That’s fine

[20/05 9:06 am] Brighton Mawodza: Go ahead Vee

[20/05 9:06 am] Sisi Vee: Yes you slept with her knowing you were in a marriage .you are not 4 years old

[20/05 9:06 am] Sisi Vee: Ok I will go ahead

[20/05 9:06 am] Brighton Mawodza: Why are you doing this??

[20/05 9:07 am] Brighton Mawodza: I thought you are understanding issues but seems you are trying to create a good story for yourself.

[20/05 9:07 am] Sisi Vee: Silly man you want to appear holy and blame her for wrecking  marriages yet you were wrecking your marriage too

[20/05 9:08 am] Sisi Vee: I have no story …the story is about you and her

[20/05 9:08 am] Brighton Mawodza: Right

[20/05 9:08 am] Sisi Vee: Yes

[20/05 9:09 am] Brighton Mawodza: No problems

[20/05 9:09 am] Sisi Vee: So all I am writing is your story and not mine ….thank you hanzvadzi …bye

[20/05 9:10 am] Brighton Mawodza: How can you still call me hanzvadzi when you are doing this Violet?

[20/05 9:10 am] Brighton Mawodza: Seriously how?!

[20/05 9:11 am] Sisi Vee: Why not …you are still my brother but I dont have to stop writing the story because muri hanzvadzi

[20/05 9:11 am] Brighton Mawodza: In as much as you think I plied on this girl, do you think you are doing the same in plying on a situation like this.

[20/05 9:12 am] Brighton Mawodza: So writing is what you do? Hurting vulnerable people doing it tough is good journalism?

[20/05 9:12 am] Brighton Mawodza: That’s ok sister Violet. How is SA?

[20/05 9:12 am] Brighton Mawodza: It’s all good

[20/05 9:12 am] Brighton Mawodza: No hard feelings here

[20/05 9:14 am] Brighton Mawodza: You have her two FB accounts

[20/05 9:14 am] Sisi Vee: I write stories hanzvadzi and this is a story we are talking about .Vulnerable my foot.Maikoira and shooting musvos  nhasi maavulnerable….

[20/05 9:14 am] Brighton Mawodza: I never write anything or don’t anything to the one I have except placing a couple of pics chete

[20/05 9:14 am] Brighton Mawodza: It I’ll tell you of her story and what other men saw in her

[20/05 9:15 am] Brighton Mawodza: Mistakes do happen and surely enough this one will live for a while.

[20/05 9:16 am] Brighton Mawodza: It’s ok sister Violet

[20/05 9:17 am] Sisi Vee: Yes so just say to me you made  mistakes and have learnt from them and stop painting the young woman with a black brush as if you are white …as simple as that

[20/05 9:17 am] Brighton Mawodza: I can’t believe it. So you asked me to tell my story so you can help? How is this helping?

[20/05 9:18 am] Brighton Mawodza: So if I say so then what? All I want from her is STOP INTERFERING IN MY MARRIAGE chete!!

[20/05 9:18 am] Brighton Mawodza: Why is that hard to understand?

[20/05 9:18 am] Brighton Mawodza: Whether I screwed my marriage or not she should not be there.

[20/05 9:19 am] Sisi Vee: Shame didnt you ask her out

[20/05 9:19 am] Brighton Mawodza: She should let me go through things in my marriage ndega as I moved in ndega – simple as that but she is refusing cause she still things I should come back to her.

[20/05 9:19 am] Sisi Vee: Did you ask her out?

[20/05 9:19 am] Brighton Mawodza: I never asked her OUT

[20/05 9:20 am] Brighton Mawodza: I never ever said I lover her

[20/05 9:20 am] Sisi Vee: Who paid for hotel?

[20/05 9:20 am] Brighton Mawodza: She just stayed at my place when she was supposed to have gone with her sister

[20/05 9:20 am] Sisi Vee: So you sex women you dont love motherfucker

[20/05 9:20 am] Brighton Mawodza: I was on holiday and not in my apartment for her NO

[20/05 9:20 am] Brighton Mawodza: She came to my apartment in SA and wasn’t a hotel

[20/05 9:21 am] Brighton Mawodza: Excuse me??

[20/05 9:21 am] Sisi Vee: Stupid women abuser fuck off

[20/05 9:21 am] Brighton Mawodza: Where is the language coming from?

[20/05 9:21 am] Brighton Mawodza: Hooooo

[20/05 9:21 am] Sisi Vee:

[20/05 9:21 am] Brighton Mawodza: Thanks

[20/05 9:22 am] Sisi Vee: You dont sex women you dont love

[20/05 9:22 am] Brighton Mawodza: RIGHT

[20/05 9:22 am] Sisi Vee: Musatanyoko

[20/05 9:22 am] Brighton Mawodza: Aaaargh is that necessary

[20/05 9:23 am] Sisi Vee: You will never abuse a woman again. How dare you tell me you never loved her but you sexed her.

[20/05 9:25 am] Brighton Mawodza: Did you ask me if I asked her OUT? NO

Did you ask if I loved her before I met her? NO

So what is you are upset about?

[20/05 9:25 am] Brighton Mawodza: Did I like her when I met her? Yes

[20/05 9:25 am] Brighton Mawodza: Did I love her after meeting her? Yes

[20/05 9:25 am] Sisi Vee:  you are not worth anyone’s respect bhuratishit.Respect women .Byeeeeee

[20/05 9:25 am] Brighton Mawodza: I never love a person I didn’t know

[20/05 9:25 am] Sisi Vee: But you have sex wirh them

[20/05 9:26 am] Brighton Mawodza: Who is them?

[20/05 9:26 am] Sisi Vee: But you have sex with them…the person

[20/05 9:26 am] Sisi Vee: Byeeeeeee

[20/05 9:26 am] Brighton Mawodza: Which person?

[20/05 9:26 am] Sisi Vee: Byeeeeee

[20/05 9:27 am] Brighton Mawodza: This is his brother now

[20/05 9:27 am] Brighton Mawodza: Please stop this

[20/05 9:27 am] Brighton Mawodza: Both these guys have fucked up

[20/05 9:27 am] Brighton Mawodza: No need for such language

[20/05 9:28 am] Brighton Mawodza: They both need us to help them

[20/05 9:28 am] Brighton Mawodza: Blessy is a lovely young lady

[20/05 9:28 am] Brighton Mawodza: Bee is a great guy

[20/05 9:28 am] Sisi Vee: His brother who?

[20/05 9:28 am] Brighton Mawodza: But they both fucked up

[20/05 9:28 am] Brighton Mawodza: Jim

[20/05 9:28 am] Sisi Vee: Yes both did

[20/05 9:28 am] Sisi Vee: Ok.

[20/05 9:29 am] Brighton Mawodza: I believe you talked to my other bro Trymore

[20/05 9:29 am] Brighton Mawodza: We are not happy with Bee

[20/05 9:29 am] Brighton Mawodza: We are working through things

[20/05 9:29 am] Sisi Vee: So he Brighton should stop putting blame on this young woman

[20/05 9:29 am] Brighton Mawodza: We know he can see that now

[20/05 9:29 am] Sisi Vee: No I havent talked to Trymore

[20/05 9:29 am] Brighton Mawodza: We have talked

[20/05 9:30 am] Brighton Mawodza: It’s a process sister

[20/05 9:30 am] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much hanzvadzi for helping out

[20/05 9:30 am] Sisi Vee: Yes it is

[20/05 9:30 am] Brighton Mawodza: He is a man reeling from his separation from his wife

[20/05 9:30 am] Sisi Vee: Ok I hear you

[20/05 9:30 am] Brighton Mawodza: But for Blessy to have intervened was so wrong

[20/05 9:30 am] Brighton Mawodza: Blessy should not have entertained his wife but deal with Bee

[20/05 9:31 am] Brighton Mawodza: We have expressed this to Blessy

[20/05 9:31 am] Brighton Mawodza: We are all relatives

[20/05 9:31 am] Sisi Vee: Blessy did not interven on her own ..she was brought into it by Brighton

[20/05 9:31 am] Brighton Mawodza: So we are asking you to stop this now from escalating to dangerous levels for both

[20/05 9:32 am] Sisi Vee: Only if Brighton takes the blame

[20/05 9:32 am] Brighton Mawodza: No she did sister but doesn’t matter now

[20/05 9:32 am] Brighton Mawodza: It’s all done

[20/05 9:32 am] Sisi Vee: How did she intervene?

[20/05 9:32 am] Brighton Mawodza: Brighton was already seperated from his wife when Blessy started this whole thing

[20/05 9:32 am] Sisi Vee: What did she start

[20/05 9:32 am] Brighton Mawodza: She claims the wife contacted her but we all know she was lying

[20/05 9:33 am] Brighton Mawodza: She was given an iPhone by Bee and there contact details of the wife and it’s how she contacted her

[20/05 9:34 am] Sisi Vee: Before she contacted the wife who invited her to a hotel

[20/05 9:34 am] Brighton Mawodza: We have been trying to get the phone back but Blessy has been refusing with it claiming she has evidence

[20/05 9:34 am] Brighton Mawodza: Which hotel?

[20/05 9:34 am] Brighton Mawodza: Brighton has an apartment in Sandton

[20/05 9:34 am] Sisi Vee: Wherever they had sex

[20/05 9:34 am] Brighton Mawodza: That’s his home when he is in SA

[20/05 9:34 am] Sisi Vee: Who invited her to the flat

[20/05 9:35 am] Sisi Vee: Who invited her there

[20/05 9:35 am] Brighton Mawodza: I am not sure hangu but I know that Blessy and a friend received Bee at the airport and it’s when this started

[20/05 9:37 am] Sisi Vee: Who gave her the flight itinerary?

[20/05 9:37 am] Brighton Mawodza: I think if Blessy had handed back the phone and stopped talking to his wife this would have been avoided

[20/05 9:37 am] Brighton Mawodza: We are agreeing that Brighton as an adult should have controlled the situation

[20/05 9:38 am] Brighton Mawodza: I believe his intent was helping her but fell short which is why we are very deeply upset for both parties

[20/05 9:38 am] Brighton Mawodza: The damage has already been done sister

[20/05 9:38 am] Brighton Mawodza: I ask you if you can to look after these two people

[20/05 9:38 am] Sisi Vee: Exactly so what are we talking about .Stop blaming Blessy ….

[20/05 9:39 am] Brighton Mawodza: I am asking you as his brother to calm the situation

[20/05 9:39 am] Brighton Mawodza: We have calmed our brother here

[20/05 9:39 am] Brighton Mawodza: We believe Blessy has stopped talking to his wife now

[20/05 9:40 am] Sisi Vee: He should not have entertained or got involved with her .Stop blaming women for your shortfalls

[20/05 9:40 am] Brighton Mawodza: That is very true

[20/05 9:40 am] Brighton Mawodza: He was wrong on so many levels

[20/05 9:40 am] Sisi Vee: Thank you

[20/05 9:41 am] Brighton Mawodza: We ask you to de-escalate the situation please.

[20/05 9:41 am] Brighton Mawodza: We know you have a good heart

[20/05 9:41 am] Brighton Mawodza: We are now in talks with Blessy’s family now

[20/05 9:41 am] Sisi Vee: Only if he agrees that he is to blame 90%

[20/05 9:41 am] Sisi Vee: Thank you

[20/05 9:42 am] Brighton Mawodza: I think he agrees to 100%

[20/05 9:42 am] Sisi Vee: Thank you so much

[20/05 9:42 am] Brighton Mawodza: He should not have entertained this girl at any cost

[20/05 9:42 am] Sisi Vee: As simple as that

[20/05 9:43 am] Brighton Mawodza: It’s what is being discussed now with family

[20/05 9:43 am] Brighton Mawodza: Bee is heading to Zim via SA to clear the issue with the family next month

[20/05 9:43 am] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much hanzvadzi

[20/05 9:44 am] Brighton Mawodza: We want to restore relationship so people can talk like family again.

[20/05 10:01 am] Sisi Vee: Bye hanzvadzi.Will discuss with  Blessy.Thank you so much for helping out

[20/05 10:01 am] Brighton Mawodza: We are being realistic on what is on the ground

[20/05 10:01 am] Brighton Mawodza: The guy is now going through a messy divorce

[20/05 10:01 am] Sisi Vee: Sure will talk with Blessy

[20/05 10:02 am] Sisi Vee: I understand

[20/05 10:02 am] Brighton Mawodza: Thanks for your understanding

[20/05 10:03 am] Sisi Vee: You most welcome

[20/05 10:03 am] Sisi Vee: Do have a great weekend

[20/05 10:03 am] Brighton Mawodza: You too

[21/05 3:34 am] Brighton Mawodza: Hi Sister,

Blessy was given these conditions to meet so this could end amicably but she refused.

3 request below…

1. Return Bee’s phone

2. Stop talking to Bee’s wife and spread lies

3. STOP all forms of communication with anyone from Bee’s side of the family.

She refused to meet all these conditions and instead created this mess. This could have ended amicably but she is refusing.

In return of the phone Blessy will have her social media back. Her Facebook has been with Bee since February and not October as she claimed. Bee has only placed a couple of pics chete and never written anything on it. Again she should be honest at this stage. Bee is now calm and complying but Blessy must do the same.

Thanks Sister

[21/05 9:37 am] Sisi Vee: Morning morning hanzvadzi .Good to hear from you .

1.Firstly I think if they were in love Blessy should not return the phone .

2and 3.Secondly Brighton’s wife and his family members can actually block her or ignore her if she gets in touch with them so it’s not like the issue cant be resolved that way.Can you please refer all those she is still contacting to me.As far as she told me she said she doesnt want anythinh to do with the family and wife.

Why Brighton is holding on to Blessy’s social media accounts boggles my mind.Murume here Brighton uyu behaving like this or he has women hormones somewhere.Munhu ungaita pikerera nesocial media account dzemunhu and hold as ransom.Really pathetic.Did he hack the accounts?

[21/05 9:59 am] Brighton Mawodza: Hi Sister,

Thanks for your response. Schola gave Brighton the media access in love and so as the phone. So if the issue is that Schola doesn’t want the phone returned then media won’t be back. I think it’s fair. She can open another account just as Brighton can buy another phone. I think you are missing the point here regarding who Schola is and why that phone is crucial? You have a girl who wanted material things from Brighton and Brighton wanted to please himself with her. Both of them went into this relationship willingly and never forced. Brighton left Schola so many times but she created so many reasons not to be left by him. You need to get a full picture here before you listen to her – she is now a victim in this WHY?

Can I send you screen shots of pics sent by Schola to Brighton? So you know who you are dealing with. Schola needs to return phone and there are no negotiations on that. Her boyfriend has talked with Bee and is aware of it. The family has been advised and aware of it.

Lets advise these two people to both do the right thing. Schola can’t have it both ways. She is a victim yes and so is Brighton. They are both wrong and both right in some of their assertions. She can either admire the cake or  eat it. She can’t have both at the same time. Sorry if I sound at little apprehensive.

[21/05 10:07 am] Sisi Vee: Ok no problem at all.Myself I have enough information now to write a follow up story featuring Brighton .Please feel free to come back to me if theres anything else to discuss.I have tried to be writer and advisor too but if you are seeing it differently it’s alright.Yes please you may send her images so I know who she really is.Is she called Blessy Schola ?

[21/05 10:08 am] Brighton Mawodza: Her name is Scholastic Madziva

[21/05 10:08 am] Brighton Mawodza: She lies and uses Blessy to her victims

[21/05 10:10 am] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you.

[21/05 10:13 am] Brighton Mawodza: I have tried as well to make you see that destroying these guys further isn’t a great thing. Escalating this issue when we are trying to end it isn’t a solution. You are not understanding that Brighton wants nothing to do with this ever again. He was like that when he left Zimbabwe in January. She kept fighting and threatening to kill herself. I can send you evidence I have seen. This girl wants the phone so that she keeps in touch with Brighton. She knows it. She was being supported by Brighton and she is aware that Brighton will jump to help her when she is trouble hence why. She knows Bee is angry but she will try to lure him back. It’s why she will try keep the phone at any cost.

[21/05 10:13 am] Brighton Mawodza: So if you feel it’s ok to publish then go ahead. We can’t stop you.

[21/05 10:13 am] Brighton Mawodza: I thought we are agreeing on something at least.

[21/05 10:48 am] Sisi Vee: My level of understanding is different from yours.I have finished writing the story now.Thank you so much for sharing your side Greatly appreciated

[21/05 10:48 am] Brighton Mawodza: Ok thanks