Said to have been a commotion with the bus crew pertaining to bribe at a road block.The crew and soldiers failed to agree on the bribe amount .

Writing to sisi Vee a source said,

” This bus rapfuurwa nemasoja ari kuroad yemasvingo nenyaya rekuti vatadza kuwirirana masoja anga achida mari zvaitika nhasi rinonzi MB bus richibva beitbridge. lm on my kuharare right now some of soldiers need money for drink ndatopfuura paBubi bhazi randiri ratosiya $70 .”

” Shame .Imagine being a passenger in the bus and soldiers start firing at the bus and you are not war . It’s so sad that the devil is in control of our nation despite our many prayers to God to save us from the demons ravaging our nation .Really sad. I really feel sorry for the many innocent Zimbabweans who wake up to this evilness everyday. Wherever hell is said to be. Apa am really disgusted …looks like Chiwenga changed his number or blocked my calls …have been failing to get through since last week or so.He claimed not to know me yet he knows .His cousin brother who gave me his number knows it all. Will have to use a different number . Am looking for yegarwe now. Ndochimwe .” Said sisi Vee